Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Teenage Sexcapades


Elton Motello's 'Victim Of Time' is good old 77' Punk, its filled with angst, sexual frustration and the dancey popness we know and love. Elton Motello, (aka-Lou Deprijck) was the composer and song writer for Plastic Bertrand's biggest hit 'Ça Plane Pour Moi' . Both bands were featured on the 'Bloodstains Across Belgium Comp'. Almost all of Elton's songs deal with sexual themes, at least the most memorable ones. Probably the most famous song on the album is the song 'Jet Boy, Jet Girl' which is about a boy jealous of a former lover after seeing him with a woman. I would have to say it is a pretty widely covered song. The Plastic Bertrand version was featured in car commercials as well in the movie 'Euro-Trip'. Elton's version of the song is a simple reworking of the Plastic Bertrand song with the lyrics changed to English and altered for the sake of being controversial. The chorus being "He gives me head!". The music is a mix of G.G.AllinAndTheJabbers meets The Ramones in a disco and take turns beating up TheKinks and RoxyMusic. stand out tracks include 'Jet Boy, Jet Girl', 'Victim Of Time', 'Teen Pimp', and 'Artificial Insemintaion'.



Nick said...

i love this so much, i really pass on another Belgian gem of truly unique punk!


this was posted awhile back on PUNKS NOT PROFIT blog.

Plastic Bertrand on drums!

i LOVE "Sweet Rot"!

"you STINK!"

and of course their unbeatable cover of "If You Go to San Francisco (Wear a Flower in Your Hair)"

great fucking post!

chrisc said...

i wasn't expecting to like this so much.really catchy and fun stuff.i think there is a definite glam vibe in this what with the piano,saxophone and all(roxy music,david bowie,new york dolls etc)."teen pimp"is the standout track for me.another cool post.thanks again.

SvartStoy said...

thank you, both. i will drffinetly listen to hubble bubble