Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PDX Ear Damage


This is the 'PortlandCityHardpunkComp' Featuring Hellshock, DogSoldier, LebendenToten, and Assasinate. I would have to say my favorite stuff on this comp is the LebendenToten tracks, which also appear on their demo. Also the HellShock tracks rule as well, they are just so epic and dark. I had the privilege of seeing HellShock A few months back, and they were amazing, they were on tour with Age(from japan). It was great, because the show took place in a lil record store packed with tons of angry kids with fists raised in the air. Ya, but this is a pretty solid comp, so here you go.

PS, i guess theres nothing better to do in Portland then stud leather, just sayin is all.



Aesop said...

Hellshock rules. I am a huge fan of their split with Effigy.

SvartStoy said...

their cover of poison ideas-Lifestyles on that release is awesome to, and effigy kick major ass