Monday, August 4, 2008

Cracked Cop Skull


Who likes Swedish hardcore? You do? Do you like Fuzzed out guitars and incoherent screaming in another language? Yeah? Ok, Ok do you like violence against cops and other symbols of authority? Awesome, i think this album is for you. This is TheShitLickers, they were from Gothenburg Sweden and played Noisy Hardcore. They only released one 7" in 1982 entitled 'Cracked Cop's Skulls'. There also was another recording, but i don't think it was officially released, i know Distortion records put out a CD some years ago that combined the two 7", and also a slew of bootlegs have been made. This is for fans of early ANTI-CIMEX, Totalitar, and Z.M.I.V. So here it is, Noisy violent and unrelenting.

'Cracked Cop's Skulls'

Also here is the unreleased 7" i think its called 'Silence'

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