Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why i Voted no On Proposition 8

This is Gayrilla Biscuits, if you couldn't tell by there name they love youth crew hardcore, and dick. This band is gay and unashamed. I love the fact that when you are gay and punk it seems like the world is your oyster, you can do whatever to whomever and have a ball(wink*wink*). I wish this band was around when i was in highschool just so i could wear a shirt. most people thought i was gay, probably because i liked making homophobic jocks uncomfortable. Any who if you like bands like GorillaBiscuits, Youth ofToday, or even YouthofToGay you will probably like these guy. So rediscover the juvenile fun of drawing penis's on everything someone else ones.


PS. Prop 8 was proposition here in California designed to make it illegal for Homosexuals to marry, based on the belief that homosexuality goes against gods will and makes republicans uncomfortable.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Killed By Hardcore

This comp is the one of the best introductions to under ground international hardcore. It has everything form American classics like State, TheFix, and UrbanWaste to Scandinavian and Japanese Hardcore as well. This is another in a long line of Killed by Death releases which for the most part are pretty good. So enjoy.
Personal favorites include UrbanWaste, NogWatt, Gasmask, and Ultraviolent.

UrbanWaste-Public Opinion
NogWatt-Going On
NoPigs-Broken Promises
NOTA-Taking Away Your Rights
Colera-Deo Fora
CapitalScum-Clutch The Flag
TheLeft-Fuck It
UltraViolent-Dead Generation
TheFix-In This Town
America'sHardcore-Born Prejudice
Fallout-Punks United
YouthPartol-America's Power
Lama-Ajatuksen Loppu
KansanUutiset-Home, Religion, Native Country
Inderekt-Shell Helpt
Nihilistics-Black Sheep
TheExecute-Going Back
State-No Illusions

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Amps For Christ

"Along the pavement it crawls
Like ants but slower, one
per car.
Like the borg, mankind the machine
Mankind forgot nature.
Now the winds blow harder as
the ice cap melt, they will not stop.
They thrive on the idea of a growing
economy, without which the whole
thing falls.
So it has to grow, eating everything
it needs, unto self distruction.
Not to simply be sustained but to
consume and poison more and more.

There are those that don't bow to it
and some who don't bow as low.
Re-use Re-use Re-use
Make it an do it yourself!"

This is AmpsForChrist. AFC is a side project of Barnes from ManIsTheBastard. Barnes made all the stringed instruments. That is all i am going to say.

1. March To Winter
2.Pure Hammond
3.The Sweet Sunny West
4. 1-2 Stomp
5. The Southern Mountains of California
6. Raga For Midnight

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You In Corruption

Alright I am Kicking myself right now for not posting this sooner. I was browsing through my Record collection when i cam upon this piece of vinyl gold and realized that i don't remember ever listening to this 7" before. So when i bought it i must have got a few other things and this baby just sat unattended til now. Let me tell you, this rules! The band is Warhead and they hail from Kyoto Japan, this 7" was released in 1991. This release is amazing to say the least, its typical Japanese hardcore but with ten times the energy. 'CryOfTruth' is unrelenting and furiously frantic. Everything is in Japanese except the titles which are written in beautiful broken English(just look at the title of this particular entry) and covered in images which would make any Discharge fan cream his/her/it's pants. So do yourself a favor and get this... Now!

PS i will have the Lp comp i have up shortly for all to enjoy.