Monday, August 11, 2008



Part1 come from the U.K. and play gloomy sort of punk, kinda like AntiSect meets ChristianDeath, ya its awesome. The guitars sound so far away, and this adds a layer of spookiness. Part1 were released on the well known label Pusmort. Featuring art by, you guessed it Pushead himself. this is their 1985 release 'Pictures Of Pain'. They did also put out a 7" and did a track on the 'Cleanse The Bacteria comp', plus they were also on the rare bonus 12" accompanying a few of the comps. Other then that, i don't really know anything else about this band. favorite track is 'Pictures of Pain'.



Nick said...

the art on this release actually isn't Pushead: front cover by Deborah Valentine, back cover by Nick Blinko. the seven inch that came out before this 12'' is called "FUNERAL PARADE" and was finiance by Nick Blinko and released shortly after Part 1 moved to London. they had played some shows at the Anarchy Centre, and made fast friends with the fellow weirdo and frontman the legendary Rudimentary Peni. story goes, Nick sent Pushead the 7'' after its release, he reviewed it for MRR, shat his pants due to the awesomeness of the record, comp'd them on his classic "Cleanse..." LP, then released this 12''. they also had cassette called "Shadow of the Cross" or "Beneath the Shadow of the Cross" (can't remember the fucking name!) releaseed before the 7''. they called it quits shortly before the release of "Pictures...".

there's a rumor that a discography is in the works... can't wait for that!!!!!!!

almost darker than "Pictures..."

Aesop said...

Didn't know about this, thanks.

SvartStoy said...
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paris said...

Here's one I think I'm gonna have to put on the headphones and crank up to appreciate, as first listen through didn't really pull me in. Maybe Part II (the prequel) will, if it really matches that amazing description!

As always, though, thanks so much. You're putting up so much music it's hard to keep up! Please don't burn yourself out, Svartstoy, I'm really enjoying what you've been doing.

paris said...

Ok, second time through is better. My favorite track: Ghost.

SvartStoy said...

awesome, im glad you like paris.
thanks again commenting.

Nick said...

hey, for all the hardcore, here's that back cover art by nick blinko and credit to ms Deborah, the front cover artist.

igorabsorto said...

thank you so much for posting part 1! it saved [or maybe ruinned my life]! gloomy as fuck! thank you again! take care, cheers from south am. igorabsorto ((A))//((E))