Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hardcore Temptation


I love Japanese Hardcore, The Execute are one of those bands that made me stop in my tracks. i Don't know to much about them aside from their discography, and that they latter turned into a goth rock type band. any-who, The Execute rule, and this is their 1983 release, 'Hardcore Temptation'. Plus two members went on to form Gastunk, who also kick ass, and will probably be posted here sooner or latter. Sorry, i'm having a hard time finding the cover, any help?



Nick said...

who went on to play in gastunk?
i knew they were contemporaries, playing along side them in tokyo, and shared wax on several comps, but who played in both?

it should also be noted, chelsea played drums in The Execute before moving on to Poison (Arts), and of course the mighty MIGHTY DEATH SIDE!

their last album to be released under the name The Execute was 1988's "THE ANTAGONISTIC SHADOW" LP, they then changed their name to 13 Grave Society.

awesome post!

Aesop said...

Yes. The Blunt Sleazy EP is what hooked me.

SvartStoy said...

Baki and Baby are the ones who left to form gastunk, thats what i read, in

but there are some discrempences with the discog portion of it, so im not sure if its false or what.

Nick said...

well baki would've had to have left directly after HARDCORE TEMPTATION if he left to form Gastunk cos "HT" was released 1983 and Gastunk formed the same year. Gastunk then released their S/T 7'' and DEADSONG LP in 1985 on Dogma, and Mr Gazime on their label, LOVE Records, later the same year.

baby also didn't play on HT. the line-up was Baki Bass+Vocals, Lemmy-Guitar, and Euro-Drums

aw fuck! i used to remember all this stupid shit, cos there used to be an AMAZING site about 13 Grave Society and Execute at fucking sadly, it's not there anymore. it included not only a discography, but who played on what. thats how i learned all about my heroes from tokyo!!!

no matter what facts i get incorrect, i know one thing for sure; Execute remain my all-time favourite Japanese band!!! Hardcore Punk to Goth-tinged Hardcore Punk, amazing thru and thru.

i have no scanner, so here is a shitty camera phone pic of Hardcore Temptation!

Nick said...

forgot to mention, Baki also did time in Lip Cream.
ok, thats it!

SvartStoy said...

Cool, thanks nick