Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anarchism And Pop Music


I love this album. Every time i listen to it, it makes me happy. Sadly that isn't very often because my girlfriend absolutely hates it. I'm not going to say she doesn't have a valid point in saying that it sounds like "circus music" but i rather enjoy how the album flows and all the entertaining interludes between songs. With That said, this Is Chumbawumba and this is their first record entitled 'Pictures Of Starving Children Sell Records' released in 1986. This might not be your average "Anarcho-Punk" band in the vein of Crass and Flux(of Pink Indians), but it adds more folk elements and tries to be dancey at times. I especially love all the bits that sound like polka. Their music has a unique beauty to it, it manages to be straightforward while at the same time not being to forceful or abrasive. For the most part this album deals with the idea that celebrities do more harm then good when they "support" charitable causes like: Live Aid, Band Aid, and We are the World(feat. Dan Achroid). They feel it deters away from the real problem at hand, and serves as shallow self promotion. So here is an Idealistic stab at the popular Bleed hearts of the world who want change until they themselves have to do something.

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Anonymous said...

totally agree with you this album is one of my favorites as well... it brings a smile to my face and joy in my heart...