Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hope You Like The Stench


Deviated Instinct were a Crust band that existed from the mid 80's til about 1990-91? this is their last effort, the 'Nailed EP' its more comparable to latter day Carcass. So its a bit heavier than the typical crust, and the drums a far more intricate, at least for a crust band. the music is slowed down a bit and its just good, the vocals are barked through a few effects, that can be cheesey at times. So if you liked 'Gutteral Breath' you'll love this, it even shares a track 'void' which is a pretty awesome song. The stand-out song has to be 'Listen To The Sirens'. If you like dreadlocks, tight pants, and the overwhelming stench of a dying system, then you'll dig it.


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