Thursday, July 2, 2009

Train To Kill

I don't know to much about this band except their name is Rudo, they are from the Bay Area, Hayward to be exact, and their singers name is Erick. They sent me their demo to see if i was interested in posting it here, well here it is in all its glory. Just to give you an idea about how enthusiastic i am about this demo, i just heard it like ten minutes ago, im not even waiting for his response. THIS DEMO FLOORED ME! Its right up this Blogs alley, a hybrid of noisy raw punk, and thrashy Black metal ala Bathory (they even do a cover). Its kinda of a link between early Bathory, and GISM...and if that doesn't grab you by the balls and demand respect, then i don't know what your doing here. At times its more blackmetal, and at others more like Japanese Hardcore. Comparable to ToxicHolocaust, but way better

This Demo Hates You!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Sign Of The Wolf

Pentagram is performing this Friday and in honor of such a momentous occasion i will give unto you 'Relentless' their first full length album, and probably their best aside from their demos from the 70's. So ya, this is a gift that keeps on giving, Sabbath laden Doom from American contemporaries.
Ps i am totally gonna throw my panties into Bobby's toothless old mouth...and the panties will be laced with speed.