Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nuclear Flowers!!


Yet another post from one of my favorite bands, LebendenToten. This time its their 2003 EP entitled 'NuclearFlowers'. Its everything you have come to expect from these noble masters of FUZZ. Its raw, disgruntled and noisy as fuck. The wall of distortion seems to be cranked to 11 on this release and actually can be very painful to listen to the loud hiss that they start and finish most songs with. Someday when i am an old man i can look back at this band and blame them for my deafness, now who can i blame for my future senility? Again for fans of Noisy distorted PunkRock in the vain of good Disorder, Gai, Confuse, etc... and if you failed to pick up any of the other releases from them that i have posted you can get them here. Oh, and as usual, the stand out tracks are all of them! Hopefully someday i will get a chance to see them.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Just Found This...

Photobucket my collection of music and wow, i didn't even know i had this. This is BirthControl who started sometime in 1968, this is their first release(i believe)which is 'Self Titled'. Anyway its A nice Kraut-Rock explosion from Berlin, full of organ and all things 70's. This album makes me wanna hang out in the park and stare at the clouds. I'm positive that these guys were heavily self medicated.Stand out tracks include 'FoolishAction', 'ChangeOFMind' and 'October'. Their cover of 'LightMyFire' from THE DOORS is kinda lacking the gusto of the original, but it still sounds great. I don't really know much else about these guys.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bleak Slow Drone


This is one of the best things to ever come from Southern Lord, this is Thorr'sHammer, and their only release (to my knowledge) 'Dommedagsnatt'. Thorr'sHammer play very epic doom metal in the vein of Asunder. This album is dark powerful and slow. Thorr'sHammer is collaboration of the great GregAnderson and StephenO'Malley, who have been in quite the array of bands including BurningWitch, Goatsnake, and SunnO))) just to name a few. So if that doesn't speak volumes about how great this release is you either are unfamiliar with DoomMetal or you simply don't like it. Well the music is a mix of droning doom, growled guttural vocals, with the addition of very pretty female vocals done by RunhildGammelsæter. Her vocals give this a very stark and ominous feeling. Just as a side note she also hails from Norway and sings on this record in ... you guessed it, Norwegian. So here you go, hope you enjoy.

Her(Norwegian for here)

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Curse of Mankind


From Norway i present to you ForgottenWoods and their 2nd full length entitled 'The Curse Of Mankind' from 1996. ForgottenWoods started around 1993 releasing 2 demos, and later 2 full lengths before calling it quits. They reunited in 2006 and released 'Race of Cain'. I just got this a couple of days ago and i have been loving it, for some reason it just seems not as over the top as most BlackMetal(i could be crazy). Anyways, it reminds me a lot of early Burzum but a little more simplified. Other then that i don't know to much about the band. I think they might have some sort of NSBM ties but i'm not 100% on that. I believe one of their members went on to be in PesteNoire which is a NSBM band. As for the bands views on the subject of race and ethnicity they offer no clues. Hope you enjoy, maybe next time i won't post something BlackMetal, got any requests?

The Curse is HERE

Sunday, August 24, 2008



This is the epic and legendary 'Satanic Blood Demo' from San Francisco's own VON. Many say that this is America's first BlackMetal band. They existed from 1989-1992 and only released one demo, and this is it. I will post the unreleased demo at a latter date. They were officially released in 2003 on the Nuclear War Now Label and the release compiled both demos and a live performance. VON is raw and minimalistic with guttural growls as opposed to the shrill and shrieking voice of most black metal. But i would have to say VON reminds me of GISM in a weird way, but in a much more minimal form, like Darkthrone. Well anyways, if you are aware of this band then you know what kind of impact they had on the BlackMetal communitty the had, even Varg Vikernes wore their shirt during his trial. And if you are new to BlackMetal i hope you enjoy this and you might have even heard a few of the songs covered before without even realizing it. Enjoy.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Selbstmörderisches Deutschland


Pain, Hatred and contempt for ones life. Bethlehem are the band nightmares are made of, the vocals are split between shrieks, growls, and spooky whispers. all in all, Bethlehem brings this desperate feeling of anguish and self loathing that is so compelling. The music is somewhere in the midst of Black Metal and doom, the band branding themselves "DarkMetal" which after listening to it doesn't see so absurd a title. The emotion carried forth in this release is spooky, and the fact that this is all being forced at you in German just adds to the scariness. I now know what it feels like to be held hostage by a German with a death-wish. Any-who Bethlehem hail from Germany and have been around since 1991. This is their fourth release entitled 'Dictius Te Necare' which is Latin for 'You Must/Should Kill Yourself'.They have a full length before this along with a 7" and demo. I guess they suck now and play some sort of "Nu" metal with synth, i haven't experienced it, but thats the word on my street. I believe this is the last album this singer was on, but i'm not sure. At times this album can be pretty in an eerie kind of way, but for the most part its just bleak blackness with a soft spot for the suffering of existence. Well, hope you like it, its ugly and abrasive. My favorite tracks are 'Die Anarchische Befreiung Der Augenzeugenreligion' and the last one 'Dorn Meiner Allmacht'.


Thursday, August 21, 2008



Whats that off in the distance? I hear the oh so familiar sounds of BlackSabbath and I can smell the quaint smell of Marijuana and a lack of cleanliness. This is Sleep, they ultra Sabbath inspired stoner rock will always have a special place in my heart. It never gets old an stale, at least i don't think so. If you are unaware of Sleep, you are in for a treat. the reason i posted this and not 'Volume One', 'Holy Mountain' or 'Dopesmoker' is simply because these are all curantly in print and for some reason(even though the band is long gone) i would feel bad, because they have brought so much joy into my life. Besides if you like this go and pick up 'HolyMountain' two of the three tracks on this 7" are featured on that phenomenal album. Any-who Sleep come from San Jose C.A. and we're active in the 1990's. Sleep members can be found in the great AsbestosDeath(pre-Sleep), OM, and the ever popular HighOnFire. Sleep is my favorite out of all of those bands, I'm not sure why, maybe because i heard Sleep first. Anyways they also included a cover of Sabbaths 'LordOfThisWorld' which is just like Sabbath but the vocals have some nice effects over them which make it sound like the vocals were recorded under water, i think it might be flange and not sure. Oh and if can't tell that the cover of the 7" is a Sabbath album, you don't deserve to listen to this. Drop out of this world with bong in hand, and enjoy some SLEEP.


Grêler La Légion Noire


French Black Metal, need i say more? This is the 'War Funeral March Demo' from Les Légion Noire band VladTepes. The Les Légion Noire were a group of like minded youngsters in France who loved Black Metal. They all had bands, and all the bands shared a great deal of members with one another. I love VladTepes, although i must say they differ greatly from most black metal, almost to the point that their music should be classified in a different genre. They sound a great deal more like GISM then your average DarkThrone or Burzum clone band. I would say they kinda of "Metal-Punkish". Anyways this is an awesome release. It is so very raw and unrelenting with fabulous guitar solos that would even make Randy Uchida(guitar player for GISM) tear a lil'. This demo contains five tracks and was released by Full Moon in 1994-5?. This release is a step up production wise for the band but still keeps a very "no-fi" quality about this release that i really enjoy and think adds a great deal to the record on a whole. I know a lot of people complain about production, but when lo-fi is done right it can add a whole new level to the music that can really draw the listener in. In addition here are some other Les Légion Noire bands you might enjoy: Aäkon Këëtrëh , Amaka Hahina , Belathuzur, Belketre, Black Murder, Brenoritvrezorkre, Dzlvarv, Moëvöt, Mogoutre , Mütiilation, Satanicum Tenebrae, Seviss, Susvourtre, Torgeist, Vermeth, Vagézaryavtre, Vérmyapre Kommando, Vzaeurvbtre
and if you want to learn more about any of these bands feel free to visit our resident expert on the subject Aesop and his CosmicHearse.

Le Métal Noir Est La Guerre

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Part2 of Part1

If you enjoyed Part1, then you'll enjoy Part 2... The prequel. This is the 7" released in 1983 on Paraworm Records entitled 'Funeral Parade'. I sadly can not find a Sleeve for this, but i did find an article were Pushead mentions how cool the artwork was-"The realm of death. Frenzied punk creative guitar feedback frightfully shrills terror and morose. Echoing drums pound shimmering insanity and evil. Haunting vocals taunt vivid lyrical descriptions of fear, anti-God and anti-system. True music to reality's horror show. Sullenly slower but poses the same brilliance as RUDIMENTARY PENI. Psychotic fold-out cover art is exceptinal. Worth your interest."
-Pushead, from MRR. As one might have noticed earlier in my previous post, Pushead goes on to release their Lp and put them on 'Cleanse the Bacteria'. well if anyone can help me out with the Album art i would be forever thankful. Enjoy and thanks for the request.


Allday Hell


WolfPack Formed in 1995 in Sweden and play a ferocious brand of D-beat/Melodic Hardcore, with depressive and bleak overtones. This is the band that made my blood boil in highschool, and made me feel rowdy and anxious. They feature, and have featured members of Asta-Kask, Anti-Cimex, and ToWhatEnd?. This is their 1999 release entitled 'Allday Hell'. it features fifteen tracks of melodic D-beat. don't get me wrong these guys aren't your typical Discharge clone, they don't really share that much in common with Discharge at all... Ok maybe a little, but you wont get fifteen songs that sound like 'FightBack'. These guys are way heavier and far more melodic then Discharge. After this album they DIScided to change their name because it was also a the name of a local neo-nazi gang. The new name... WolfBrigade. i Would have to say that the whole album is a build up for the last track on the album entitled 'In Darkness You Feel No Regrets'. That is an awesome title for a really beautiful piece of music. This song stands out as far as sound quality and vocals. It is a lot more raw, abrasive, and just bleak. so give this a listen and even if you don't like it initially listen to the last track.

In Darkness You Can't Regret.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Do People Hate This Band?


I don't get why people get so up in arms abut Bongzilla. Sure their name is cheesy, and they are over the top about their love for marijuana, but its called stoner metal for a reason, they love weed. They are no better or worse musicians then ElectricWizard, Sleep, EYEHATEGOD, or Weedeater(which they would later share a member of). It makes me wonder what certain people are thinking, because i'll let someone tell me how cheesy and "bad" Bongzilla is, and then the same person will go on to explain to me what a great band St. Vitus is. Please do not get me wrong, i love St.Vitus(both Reagers and Wino) but Wino writes/sings some of the cheesiest song i have ever heard. Any ways, This is 'Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes' from Bongzilla. Bongzilla hail from Madison, Wisconsin and play, well stoner metal/sludge/doom/ whatever. This slic of canibinoid madness came out in 1998 on the ever popular Relapse Records. I would say Bongzilla's style of Stoner Metal/Sludge... is pretty nice the vocals can sometimes come acroos kinda Black metalish at times, with the raspy screams, and sheiks. Overall i would say that Bongzilla is like EYEHATEGOD with out the faster parts. In total, 'Methods...' contains a whole 3 tracks of smoke induced doom that are laced with samples of quotes about Marijuana. I hope you give this a listen and maybe even enjoy it.


Friday, August 15, 2008

No More Room In Hell


AtrociousMadness, they are vicious, noisy and unrelenting. They hail from portland and members went on to form LebendenToten. This was released in 2000, i believe this this their first release Entitled 'VisionsOfHell'. Any-who hope you enjoy feedback.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hardcore Temptation


I love Japanese Hardcore, The Execute are one of those bands that made me stop in my tracks. i Don't know to much about them aside from their discography, and that they latter turned into a goth rock type band. any-who, The Execute rule, and this is their 1983 release, 'Hardcore Temptation'. Plus two members went on to form Gastunk, who also kick ass, and will probably be posted here sooner or latter. Sorry, i'm having a hard time finding the cover, any help?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Teenage Sexcapades


Elton Motello's 'Victim Of Time' is good old 77' Punk, its filled with angst, sexual frustration and the dancey popness we know and love. Elton Motello, (aka-Lou Deprijck) was the composer and song writer for Plastic Bertrand's biggest hit 'Ça Plane Pour Moi' . Both bands were featured on the 'Bloodstains Across Belgium Comp'. Almost all of Elton's songs deal with sexual themes, at least the most memorable ones. Probably the most famous song on the album is the song 'Jet Boy, Jet Girl' which is about a boy jealous of a former lover after seeing him with a woman. I would have to say it is a pretty widely covered song. The Plastic Bertrand version was featured in car commercials as well in the movie 'Euro-Trip'. Elton's version of the song is a simple reworking of the Plastic Bertrand song with the lyrics changed to English and altered for the sake of being controversial. The chorus being "He gives me head!". The music is a mix of G.G.AllinAndTheJabbers meets The Ramones in a disco and take turns beating up TheKinks and RoxyMusic. stand out tracks include 'Jet Boy, Jet Girl', 'Victim Of Time', 'Teen Pimp', and 'Artificial Insemintaion'.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blood Mixed With Oil


Who likes D-beat? Who thinks its been done to death? Well let me tell you about this little gem of discharge worship. This is Kegcharge, you might be familiar with their Lp 'Sadistic War Glory' but this is not their Lp, this is their demo. A lot of people say it is better then their Lp, and i would have to agree. Although the Lp is awesome and is a cut above the rest in the D-Beat realm, the demo has something else to offer, noise. Its more raw and unpolished kinda the way D-Beat was meant to be heard. It sounds as though they recorded all the tracks in a simple half hour session after drinking a bit. If you haven't figured it out yet, this is for fans of DISCHARGE!!!!, and other key players in the D-Beat hordes. so here you go, hope you like fuzz.

PS- And yes they do a Discharge cover.


Monday, August 11, 2008



Part1 come from the U.K. and play gloomy sort of punk, kinda like AntiSect meets ChristianDeath, ya its awesome. The guitars sound so far away, and this adds a layer of spookiness. Part1 were released on the well known label Pusmort. Featuring art by, you guessed it Pushead himself. this is their 1985 release 'Pictures Of Pain'. They did also put out a 7" and did a track on the 'Cleanse The Bacteria comp', plus they were also on the rare bonus 12" accompanying a few of the comps. Other then that, i don't really know anything else about this band. favorite track is 'Pictures of Pain'.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Mice of the Basement


I don't think their name quit translates to the above heading, but i though it was funny enough to leave it, thanks Raw, fast, sloppy, and abrasive all discribe this gem from Brazil. This is Ratos de Porão's first album from 1984 entitled 'Crucificados pelo sistema'. In fact this is the first hardcore album released in South America. I have actually heard people say that this album is too raw, and i beg to differ, its just raw enough(a lil' pink in the middle never hurt nobody). Well enjoy this bit of hardcore history. For fans of Anti-Cimex, Discharge, and other distorted d-beat/hardcore.

Receba Ratos Aqui

May You All Die In Automobile Accidents On The Way Home


Krieg hail from New Jersey and play Black Metal, and along with so many of the black metal hordes in America its a one man band. Krieg is cold, bleak and hateful. This is Krieg's live album recorded in Germany entitled 'Kill Yourself Or Someone You Love'. For a live release this is some outstanding production. It might as well be a legitimate album, aside for the interludes between songs were Lord Imperial insists on speaking in his Black Metal voice. Plus i think there is something special about an overweight man in corpsepaint calling someone a faggot. Not that wearing makeup makes one gay, nor the sheer Broadway theatrics of Black Metal, its just cute when an knuckle dragging closet case does it. Overall, this is an awesome album with a great title that gives way to that fact that Black Metal is not nice, and was never meant to be. Enjoy and i don't hope you die in automobile accidents on the way home, Krieg does.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hope You Like Feedback


Well, if you have been reading my blog you might have noticed, i like LebendenToten. But with my love of LebendenToten comes my responsibility and loyalty to DIY music. So i feel torn between sharing them with you knowing that 99% will never pay a dime for anything they produce. So I've only been trying to post things that are hard to find/out of print. Then i remembered this gem. This is their 2006-7" 'PoisonWave' made only for their tour in Japan. So unless you live in Japan or visited with the intent of seeing them on tour, your out of luck for finding this. Although I'm sure it goes for a pretty penny on eBay. This has to be one of my favorite bands of recent years, i have never had the opportunity to see them, but imagine it would be quit the deafening spectacle. So enjoy, sorry all the titles are in Japanese, but here it is. Listen through headphones with with volume on MAX.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Drinkin Smokin Straight Westcoastin


Sabu Hail from a cornucopia of Southern California cities. They play grindcore, and for the most part grindcore is a pretty popular form of underground music(at least in SoCal). Sabu play it in a pretty good, and relatively different way. The drums are a little more reminiscent of a UK82(SpecialDuties) style or a D-beat(Discharge), its not just simple blast beat all the time. But the drummer manages to even make his blast beats fairly clean. The vocals are all over the place, lows, highs, guggling-burps, and its all done by one man with a lot of time on his hands and a willingness to tear his vocal chords. The guitar work is simple, distorted and sludge at parts and is just overall dirty sounding. The best way to experience Sabu is definitely live. I have had the pleasure of watching these guys a bunch of times. They certainly have a great energy and the crowds seem to love them. This is from their only official release which was a three way split featuring FiringSquad, And PeopleHate. This was released in 2007, and is still available through EverydayHateRecords out of Poland, so if you like please pick one up. Stand out tracks include 'Retaliation', 'PowerviolenceHolocaust', and '820'. '820' is dedicated to the singers son('820' being Aug,20th), and i think that is hilarious to break the monotony of songs about serial killers, wrestling, and gore, to talk about how much you love your son. But i guess child birth is a pretty "Brootal" thing. Plus they named them selves after a wrestler, a pretty "BROOOOTAL" wrestler. This is definitely for fans of more punk influenced grindcore in the vein of (early)NapalmDeath, FleshParade, and UnholyGrave.

Lets Grind

Tuesday, August 5, 2008



'Total Death' is a monument to the world saving/destructive power both MotorHead and the Japanese have. This is a blatant rip off of a few MotorHead tracks, and one straight cover(OverKill), and i couldn't be happier. G.A.T.E.S. is simply a MotorHead tribute band with the added love of Satan. this is Raw, Evil, Distorted, and Japanese. and anyone who knows my personally i have a huge crush on the Japanese Music scene. So much of their music is based off of taking a western band and building off of it, and most times making it better. Well enough about me, G.A.T.E.S. is from japan, and are made up of a few different bands like Coffins and ChurchOfMisery. They Play MotorHead Songs with different lyrics, and play them a little bit faster. Plus they promote evil, what more do you want?


Raw Black And Swiss


HellHammer hail from Switzerland and should need no introduction, but if you insist, they are the band that existed prior to CelticFrost. They are an intricate part in the birth of black metal. technically Hellhammer only officially released(while they were a band) one 12" E.P. and this is it the 1984 release 'Apocalyptic Raids'. There is a beauty to their LO-Fi sensibility, creating a raw and anxious feeling, making bands like this far more scary then most other Extreme Metal bands. HellHammer also does a nice job of incorporating some different styles to their music like the very slowed down doomy/Sabbath inspired track like 'Triumph of Death'. Its arguable that this could even be a Punk rock record just based on the sheer rawness of the album. I would have to say, the best way to describe HellHammer's sound would be if Venom(Welcome to Hell) and MotorHead(OverKill) had a baby and raised it on BlackSabbath .. Its Raw and dark with driving beats, what more could you want?. Plus Tom Warrior is a big time Amateur Rocket Enthusiast, thats right he builds rockets in his garage, and sets them off in the park and if you look very closely you will see him wearing NASA t-shirts in a lot of photos of him off stage.

Blast Off

PDX Ear Damage


This is the 'PortlandCityHardpunkComp' Featuring Hellshock, DogSoldier, LebendenToten, and Assasinate. I would have to say my favorite stuff on this comp is the LebendenToten tracks, which also appear on their demo. Also the HellShock tracks rule as well, they are just so epic and dark. I had the privilege of seeing HellShock A few months back, and they were amazing, they were on tour with Age(from japan). It was great, because the show took place in a lil record store packed with tons of angry kids with fists raised in the air. Ya, but this is a pretty solid comp, so here you go.

PS, i guess theres nothing better to do in Portland then stud leather, just sayin is all.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Cracked Cop Skull


Who likes Swedish hardcore? You do? Do you like Fuzzed out guitars and incoherent screaming in another language? Yeah? Ok, Ok do you like violence against cops and other symbols of authority? Awesome, i think this album is for you. This is TheShitLickers, they were from Gothenburg Sweden and played Noisy Hardcore. They only released one 7" in 1982 entitled 'Cracked Cop's Skulls'. There also was another recording, but i don't think it was officially released, i know Distortion records put out a CD some years ago that combined the two 7", and also a slew of bootlegs have been made. This is for fans of early ANTI-CIMEX, Totalitar, and Z.M.I.V. So here it is, Noisy violent and unrelenting.

'Cracked Cop's Skulls'

Also here is the unreleased 7" i think its called 'Silence'

Crushingly Slow


Pain, anguish, paranoia, and the stench of marijuana. This double 7" entitled 'Twin Threat To Your Sanity' is just that a threat to your way of life and the values to which you cling to. It features four flawless live tracks from those on the four front of sludge(in 2001). Also features an awesome CelticFrost cover from Noothgrush. I'm not to big on live recordings, seeing as so many are just so poorly produced that unless you were there to witness these spectacles in all there glory, what's the point. But this one flat-out floored me, all the tracks were taken from four separate concerts and they are all of good quality. Every bodies favorite Dystopia, is good as always, along with sludges favorite band from the rising sun, Corrupted. Last but not least, why is it that everybody hates Bongzilla? Their music is awesome, and maybe they are a lil over the top about their consumption. But i was under the impression that they played stoner metal, and isn't that what they are supposed to be doing? Anyway, challenge your sanity.

Dystopia- Diary Of A Battered Child
Noothgrush- Procreation Of The Wicked
Bongzilla- Gestation
Corrupted- Nieve


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anarchism And Pop Music


I love this album. Every time i listen to it, it makes me happy. Sadly that isn't very often because my girlfriend absolutely hates it. I'm not going to say she doesn't have a valid point in saying that it sounds like "circus music" but i rather enjoy how the album flows and all the entertaining interludes between songs. With That said, this Is Chumbawumba and this is their first record entitled 'Pictures Of Starving Children Sell Records' released in 1986. This might not be your average "Anarcho-Punk" band in the vein of Crass and Flux(of Pink Indians), but it adds more folk elements and tries to be dancey at times. I especially love all the bits that sound like polka. Their music has a unique beauty to it, it manages to be straightforward while at the same time not being to forceful or abrasive. For the most part this album deals with the idea that celebrities do more harm then good when they "support" charitable causes like: Live Aid, Band Aid, and We are the World(feat. Dan Achroid). They feel it deters away from the real problem at hand, and serves as shallow self promotion. So here is an Idealistic stab at the popular Bleed hearts of the world who want change until they themselves have to do something.

Take Pictures Here

Hope You Like The Stench


Deviated Instinct were a Crust band that existed from the mid 80's til about 1990-91? this is their last effort, the 'Nailed EP' its more comparable to latter day Carcass. So its a bit heavier than the typical crust, and the drums a far more intricate, at least for a crust band. the music is slowed down a bit and its just good, the vocals are barked through a few effects, that can be cheesey at times. So if you liked 'Gutteral Breath' you'll love this, it even shares a track 'void' which is a pretty awesome song. The stand-out song has to be 'Listen To The Sirens'. If you like dreadlocks, tight pants, and the overwhelming stench of a dying system, then you'll dig it.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Noise Distortion Abortion


DustNoise is just noise. I don't know to much about these guys except they existed in the late 90's disbanded in 2000, left a small handful of releases(2-7" and 3 demos??) and they love making noise. This is there 'HealthyFilthyNoiseAttackE.P.' so here it is, for fans of Disorder, Gai, and Confuse. Anybody got any other info?

Get Fuzzy

Black Metal Is War


Ever get the feeling that the apocalypse is just around the corner? Or that a nuclear holocaust is foreseeable in the near future? Thats the feeling i get when listening to Nargaroth's 2001's epic, 'BlackMetalIstKreig', is diabolical, cold, and raw. 'BlackMetalIstKreig' Is Kanwulf's tribute to black metal, although he will be the first one to tell you that Nargaroth doesn't play black metal(because he doesn't sing about satan). He sure fooled me, because this is straightforward Bleak-as-Fuck BlackMetal. The title track seems to be the stand out track of the album, but there are so many good songs. Nargaroth has sometimes been seen as a NSBM band, but so much of the evidence is hear say and self promoted controversy. He even rejects national socialism in a few interviews and calls it narrow minded and mentally restrictive. You also have to love the blatant rip off VargVerkienes in the album's cover. Nargaroth has to be one of my favorite BLackMetal bands, and this album is the reason.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Counting With SkinHeads


OK, now for the post where people are gonna start calling me a racist. Lets clear the air right now, I'm not a racist, sexist, humanist, bicyclist, nationalist, or whatever 'ist' you people wanna call me ("What do you mean you people?"). All i'm saying is that this is a good album. This is SkrewDriver's first album(prior to them being racist) entitled 'All Skrewed Up' its just good old fashioned British 77' Punk. This album does stand apart from most other releases from that time area being that it's a touch harsher. Just about every track on this album is good, but standout tracks on here have to be 'You'reSoDumb', 'IDon'tLikeYou', 'AntiSocial', 'TheOnlyOne', and a few others including their cover of the WHO's ' Won'tGetFooledAgain'. Then after this album,they went on a sort of hiatus, and IanSterwart reformed the band minus everyone else and start Heiling everything. i think the funniest thing is that Skrewdriver is so blues based i wouldn't put it past them to cover ChuckBerry, in fact i think they ripped him off a few times. Anyways, I'm Glad IanStewarts dead, but sadly he has been made into a martyr. OH well here is 'AllSkrewedUp'.


Rabbits Moon


'RabbitsMoon' was a film made by KennethAnger, (who was a student of AleisterCrowley) it's an unusual film, but captivating. The film is about the power of the moon, as well as the torture of the soul. This is the song featured in that short film, its awesome and catchy. The song is 'It Came In The Night' by A Raincoat, the song is very late 60's, kinda 'Monster Mash'-ish. This is a really good song, I might look at it differently having seen the movie myself, but i think some of you might enjoy it too, so here you go.