Friday, August 1, 2008

Counting With SkinHeads


OK, now for the post where people are gonna start calling me a racist. Lets clear the air right now, I'm not a racist, sexist, humanist, bicyclist, nationalist, or whatever 'ist' you people wanna call me ("What do you mean you people?"). All i'm saying is that this is a good album. This is SkrewDriver's first album(prior to them being racist) entitled 'All Skrewed Up' its just good old fashioned British 77' Punk. This album does stand apart from most other releases from that time area being that it's a touch harsher. Just about every track on this album is good, but standout tracks on here have to be 'You'reSoDumb', 'IDon'tLikeYou', 'AntiSocial', 'TheOnlyOne', and a few others including their cover of the WHO's ' Won'tGetFooledAgain'. Then after this album,they went on a sort of hiatus, and IanSterwart reformed the band minus everyone else and start Heiling everything. i think the funniest thing is that Skrewdriver is so blues based i wouldn't put it past them to cover ChuckBerry, in fact i think they ripped him off a few times. Anyways, I'm Glad IanStewarts dead, but sadly he has been made into a martyr. OH well here is 'AllSkrewedUp'.



RyGar said...

Oh, great, I'm the first person who wants to admit that they are grateful for this album being posted. So, let me go ahead and justify... I'm not a racist. At all. I like this album. If I was a racist, I sure as fuck wouldn't be living in Westlake, L.A., unless I was horribly masochistic. Anyway, this is a good record, so what? A bit of trivia you might already know: Before Skrewdriver, Ian was in a Rolling Stones Tribute band, called Tumblin' Dice. Hence, all the blues riffs. Whatever, "Ian Stuart as a Crash Dummy won't change racism" - FYP

SvartStøy said...

Thanks Rygar, i am glad somebody finally decided to comment this, because so many people have downloaded it, and shown no love. But i guess that is the risk we take in these overly P.C. times. Thanks for the support.