Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blood Mixed With Oil


Who likes D-beat? Who thinks its been done to death? Well let me tell you about this little gem of discharge worship. This is Kegcharge, you might be familiar with their Lp 'Sadistic War Glory' but this is not their Lp, this is their demo. A lot of people say it is better then their Lp, and i would have to agree. Although the Lp is awesome and is a cut above the rest in the D-Beat realm, the demo has something else to offer, noise. Its more raw and unpolished kinda the way D-Beat was meant to be heard. It sounds as though they recorded all the tracks in a simple half hour session after drinking a bit. If you haven't figured it out yet, this is for fans of DISCHARGE!!!!, and other key players in the D-Beat hordes. so here you go, hope you like fuzz.

PS- And yes they do a Discharge cover.



chrisc said...

how many more variations of the discharge name can there be?i think it verges on the ridiculous.apart from that some good d-beat never hurt anyone(certainly not me).

SvartStoy said...

very true, it has takin a giant leap past ridiculous and reached the SpinalTap status. But when a band is good its hard to argue. i think im gonna start a D-Beat band called Cliche, spelt in discharge font, and the first release is gonna be called 'Pictures of Wartorn Bodies Sell Records' who's in?

chrisc said...

do you think anyone in that scene would get the irony?

SvartStoy said...

Oh ya, they arn't stupid, just caught in a trend.I'm sure a lot of people won't get it, but who cares about those assholes?

Nick said...

these guys seem pretty light hearted about the whole d-beat thing. they even has the shirt with a bomber droping kegs and is captioned "Why Not?"

pretty funny if you ask me.

saw them in texas. lead singer dropped his pants to reveal a g-string, played a song with his pants down the hole time. only in Texas, eh? the fellow with no pantalones also did time in, in-my-opinion totally underrated, Spazm 151.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE D-BEAT EP's of all-time is TIMES SQUARE PREACHERS "DON'T BE NUMB" from the mid-90's. pre-Diskonto madness from Uppsala.
do you have this, Svarty?

SvartStoy said...

Ya, some people do get a little up in arms about D-Beat, but good music is good music, and generic is generic. so all im saying is that in a sea of generic Dis-clones Kegcharge are one of the best. and no nicky-poo i do not have the pre-diskonto stuff, but would love to hear it, and spazm 151 does kick ass.