Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Eyes Of Man Look Out And Beyond

This is Electric Wizards second full length album entitled 'ComeMyFanatics'. This was my first exposure to this band i remember it as though it were yesterday, It was a brisk and foggy fall morning. I was sitting in on the side of a brick walk way at school waiting for my health and nutrion class to start. While i was waiting i put on this album from a band my friend had given me a week or two prior. So i sat there and started listening to this album while i was drinking some coffee trying to stay warm. As the second track 'WizardInBlack' started to play it seemed as though time had come to a screeching halt, like everything had slowed down to a snails pace. The song put me in a euforic daze that seemed to last forever. THIS ALBUM CHANGED MY LIFE! . Before this album i was utterly content with Sabbath and Sleep. This is actually the band and the album that made me further my quest for stonermetal. All in all i love this album and would like to share it with you. It is spacey, slow, and down-tuned to the point of no return. Enjoy


Saturday, September 27, 2008


So I am making this post in mourning because i missed them play the other night. I don't really have any interesting anecdote's or want to spend a lot of time describing how much ass this record kicks, or about how Jeff Carcass is an amazing artist, or even about how this band was formed by two founding members of ElectroHippies. I might just be being lazy. But i digress, I heard wonderful things about how great the concert was and am glad to know they still kick ass. So here it is 'HeartWork', a lot of people don't like this album because it isn't as straight forward as their prior efforts, but i love this album because its not just typical Grindcore, i'm not even sure you could consider this Grind at all, its more or less Technical Death Metal. So enjoy.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Epic Failure

Sorry folks, my means of Tunage broke, so i can no longer listen to music on my own accord hence no blogs for a couple of days till i can fix my jams.
Damn You Steve Jobs!!!
SvartStoy AKA DerDer

Ps I think this Puppy could be in a BlackMetal Band... an adorably evil one

Friday, September 19, 2008

Born With A Heart Of Steel

Once upon a time i worked at a Punk-Rock Record store near my house. I was sitting behind the counter going about my business when a young naive kid walked in and happened to notice behind the Manowar 'Kings of Metal' on the back wall for sale. The naive little shit had the audacity to tell me how much Manowar sucks and how they are a huge joke. The kid obviously had no idea he was talking to the only Manowar fan that worked in the store. So i looked him directly in the eye and sad "What the Fuck did you just say?" as the young'n sat there with a stupefied look on his face muttering something and trying to stand by his opinion, i quickly proclaimed that Manowar rules and is far better then any shitty band he was wearing on his vest(i can say this truthfully because this kid was wearing a Balzac backpatch). I countinued to verbally assault this poor kid by saying "Other bands play , Manowar kills!" basically telling him"my dad could beat up your dad" which i believe Manowar would stand by. All the kid could say in response was "uh, uh, i like IcedEarth." i quickly shot him down with a "Fuck that shit, that band fuckin sucks!"(i don't really ever recall hearing that band, but i was out for blood). It must have looked odd with this kid cowering to a crusty with a shaved head and a bright red pissed off look in his face. I feel bad for the kid, in a way.

Any who i love Manowar their brand of over the top cheesy power metal takes the cake and continues to get better with every album. It might be my guilt pleasure, but i don't feel so guilty. Their Machismo makes me weak in the knees. I will be the first to state Manowar is a lot like heavy metal show tunes, and i wouldn't have them any other way. I know for a fact that if JoeyDemiao were to see me sitting hear eating soy strawberry yogurt with granola he would call me a fag, and then ride off into the sunset with a blond stripper on the back of his "Horse of Steel". This is their 1988 album entitled 'Kings of Metal' this is the turning point for the band many claim this to either be were they sold out or were they got better i agree with the latter. Its so epic, manly and well Broadway. They have lyrics which include the prase "I ride a comet" and Way your sword stay wet, like a young girl in her prime"...Manowar don't fuck around! So if you like your metal full misogynistic closet cases this is the album for you. Besides this is the loudest band in the world according to Guinness Book of World Records, at least they used to be.

Hail And Kill!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lets Get Free!

First off let me start by saying Asa Lama Lakam. Lets get free is the debut full length from everyones favorite militant Black activists DeadPrez. The songs are all about assassination, mind control, and the unfair balance of power within this country. Not to mention they are big fans of the vegan lifestyle. Which is why i believe they caught my attention in the first place. For the most part the songs are very well written and can be very inspiring, on the other hand songs like 'Mind Sex' just make me laugh my ass off. Well here you go, enjoy, and remember to resist the pigs.

Get Freedom Here

Criminal Damage

This is the CtiminalDamage demo, im not sure when this was made(i think around 05/06), but i do know that this rules. CriminalDamage serve up a heaping helping of full throttle Blitz worship from Portland Oregon. Its uncanny how kick ass this is. The demo is equal parts of both full length records 'No Solution' and 's/t'. I believe they have a members of Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, and Deathreat. Most of the songs deal with ideas of oppression, self medication and the occasional song about somebody being beat up in the streets. All the songs are catchy and you will certainly find them stuck in your head with you singing along out loud. So this is for fans of Blitz, Skrewdriver, 4-Skins, NoHopeForTheKids, GorillaAngreb, etc...
Personal favorites include Anethesia, and LastChance.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Punishing Darkness,

For all those who liked the Weakling post i made a couple weeks ago this is for you, this is a live recording of the band doing what they do best playing bleak and depressive BlackMetal. Their are no vocals, but it still rules anyways! I believe this is their 1998 live rehearsal demo, but i'm not sure.This was given to me buy the very kind Aesop of CosmicHearse after reading my post, Thanks Aesop.
Bask in sorrow


And Justice for y'all!

This is WeedEater's fists album entitled 'And Justice for Y'all' from 2001. This band reminds me of like a southern inspired version of MotorHead on tons of heroin. I love this album, and this band. They just seem to epitomize Stoner in so many ways. I love that they are all about marijuana while at the same time not way over the top about it. Members of this band used to be in the infamous Buzzov*en, and at times it really shows on this album. In addition the bass player and main vocalist Dixie Collins also played in Bongzilla. So ya, enjoy.


Monday, September 15, 2008

We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago

Here is some more Hawkwind. This has to be one of my favorites, it is such a toss up between this and 'Dorami Fosol Latido' i love them both, but i think at this current moment in time im loving this record a lil' more. It seems to me a lot more "spacey" then 'Dorami'. Anyways this is Hawkwind's 2nd which was released in 1971 entitled 'InSearchOfSpace' and let me tell you i think they found it. This is album has it all its spacey, droney and drug fueled. This is a bad album for me to listen to whilst driving, i find my self zoning out and next thing i know i have been siting a the green light for its entirety voiding out all the horns believing it is a part of the music. I love how all the music seems to gradually get louder and then fade away, then just when you think the song is over they bring it back around again. well any-who, i love this record and maybe you will to, some sit back and wait for the mother ship to make its second round.


All Pigs Must Die!

Ever hear of DeathInJune? Well you have now, and this is their 2001 album 'All Pigs Must Die'. DIJ are one of those bands that are shrouded in mystery. From their obsessive fascination with all things Nazi/militaristic and occult to their logos and their lyrical content. Many accuse Them of being Nazi's themselves but i find that hard to believe. Douglas Pearce is openly and was formerly in the band Crisis which was feverishly anti-fascist and played such renowned festivals like RockAgainstRacism. I am not going to lie they do have a strong fascination with the right wing and sure do love them runic symbols. In addition the love paganism and are strong advocates of the old european gods, this probably is in part of their fasination with the SS, or vice-versa. Sadly no white people can wear or display runic symbols or claim paganism without being accused of being white power, simply because Neo-nazi's(and real Nazi's) started using them. I have read stories of DIJ preforming live in monkey suits dressed like SS soldiers now that sounds like mockery to me. Also i have read other accounts of them playing shows in Israel, and what kind of Neo-Nazi is going to play to a predominantly Jewish crowd, let alone support Israel in the first place. Any-who despite their possible political leanings they play a mean acoustic guitar. They are possibly the leaders in the Neo-Folk/Apocalyptic-Folk scene. So its bleak, depressing, foreshadows death in a very pretty and eerie way. This album just happens to be some-what of a tribute to every-ones favorite counterculture figure, CharlesManson. Well enjoy, i know i do. For fans of Current93.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Am Not An Effigy!

Well, i thought i would post something that might throw a few of through a loop. This is Ministry, prior to them being a metal/industrial band they were a very dance Synth Pop band. And Al Jourgenson loved using a British accent. Well this album rules and is very gay. It makes me want to put on make-up and dance around the house. The album is called 'With Sympathy' and came out in1983. Later Al would claim to be ashamed of this release by saying he was pressured by the record company to make it "SythPop", but i must say if you feel you are to "manly" for this record, your probably a closet case. So ya if you happen to find your self bobbing your head on occasion to SoftCell, PetShopBoys, or Erasure then you might like this record. So enjoy, and if your significant other happens to walk in on you taking a bubble bath with scented candles and this playing in the background try your hardest not to act awkward and start franticly explaining how "I'm not gay i swear, you gotta believe me". Just own up to the fact that sometimes you like to feel pretty and sensitive. Oh and if this is to "Gay" for you still you might like the 2nd album 'Twitch' better its a lot more "Industrial". So rat your hair, put on your tight black pants, a loud of make-up and relive your goth days.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Slow Dirty And Painful

This is the Grief/13 Split which came out in 1993. This record is crushing, bleak, and awe-inspireing. Most of you should already be familiar with Grief so they don't really need much explaining, but if they do click here. So on to 13, they rule. They were a mostly female Doom/Sludge band from the NewYork area(i believe). I don't know to much about 13 but i do know that they did splits with EYEHATEGOD. Also the guitar player went on to such note worthy acts as Sourvein and now can be heard in ElectricWizard along with her husband JusOborn. Hope you enjoy




So for all the folks wishing i would post more Sabbath laden Doom here you go. This is Bongzilla's 2002 release entitled 'Gateway' its exactly what you have come to expect from these masters of Marijuana. Old fashioned stoner metal in the vein of ElectricWizard but with hash almost BlackMetal vocals. In addition you get awesome album art featuring Satan at the gates of hell enthroned in his unholy majesty with bong in hand(cheesy i know, but you gotta love it). So ya, its nothing mind blowing, but it sure kicks a lot of ass. If you like EYEHATEGOD but think the fast parts "Harsh You Buzz" then i think this is the band for you. So just sit back on your couch with plenty of snacks of your choice by your side and contemplate the deep meaning behind such songs as 'Stone A Pig' and 'Keefmaster' or just stare at stuff.

"Ever Seen The Back of a Twenty Dollar Bill? Ever Seen The Back of a Twenty Dollar Bill, on Weed?"

See it Here, Dude

Ps. Sorry to all my faithful readers, but my schedule has been turned upside down and i have not been able to post as much i used to. Ya see i just got a job, and started school again so i will try and post on the weekends and maybe on Tuesdays/Thursdays. If you want to be up to date on everything i post the best way to do that is to subscribe or just keep doing what your doing and check whenever you have time. Any-who Sorry, but i will try to make a few posts when i do get around to doing so.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For All The Lonely Ones


This is TheWipers 3rd album 'Over The Edge' and it was released in 1983. 'OverTheEdge' is a piece of American punk rock gold. TheWipers hailed from Portland Oregon. TheWipers rule, as i am sure many folks will attest to that. Their music conveys feelings of the downtrodden, desperate, and alienated. Every time i listen to this record i always find myself reflecting on my life and what has brought me to my current situation. I feel that this record speaks for itself, so enjoy.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Waiting For Tonight!

Tonight i am going to the 'MaifestDestinyFest' to see Witchcraft and Witch, i am so excited that i am going to give you guys a sample of what they sound like, Witch are a band from the Vermont area and play heavy distorted rock in the vein of early Pentegram, LedZepplin, and BlackSabbath. I would have to say that they sound a lil' closer to Zepplin then anything else, but evil and ominous. Did i mention that it has a member of DEEPWOUND!!!!! the same member who went on to DinosaurJR, J Mascis is his name. Witch has a total of 2 albums out, two 7" and a DVD. if you want to buy any of it go to TeePeeRecords. Mabye i will posty some DeepWound later.
Here is Witch

By now you should have all heard about Witchcraft, the band that wishes so badly that they lived in the 70's, with their JethroTull/Pentegram Doominess. they have come out so far with 2 album a split 10"w/TheSword, and two 7"s(?). This band has been touring the hell out of The USA and word on the street is that they do so for the Kombucha because they can't get it in their country for whatever reason. Any-who if you have yet to purchase anything from these fine gents you can do so here
Here is Witchcraft

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coping With Death


This is MyDyingBride's 'As The Flower Withers' from 1992 on Peacevile records. MyDyingBride is the self destructive form of anger during the coping process that forces us to lash out at ourselves in time of crises when we have no other release. It is dark poetic art in the vein of Asunder, ParadiseLost, and Anathema.The music is typically guttural vocals overlapping melodic guitar and the occasional violin and keyboard section. These guys remind me of a much prettier and more put together Axegrinder. So all in all this is like a mix of DeathMetal and Doom, or FuneralDoom, or whatever you wanna call it. While MyDyingBride is known for being pretty and slow this album certainly has some faster or at least mid-tempo songs. It seems as though this would be perfect to listen to on a rain day, after shoe gazing for a while. Stand out tracks include 'The Bitterness and the Bereavement', Sear Me' , and 'Well i hope you like it.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Epic Pain And Sorrow


This is Weakling, they hailed from SanFrancisco, and play Epic BlackMetal. This release has been commented as being a "Masterpiece" and i would have to agree.This album was entitled 'DeadAsDreams' and came out in 2000, just after they had called it quits. 'DeadAsDreams' is both fast and slow with lots of atmospheric cavernous sound. The songs are long and drawn out, in a good way. Weakling project feelings of emptiness, anger, and deep seeded desperate depression(hooray for alliteration). Five tracks in all this release comes in at a whopping seventy-six minutes. In addition weakling also has members of Asunder, TheFuckingChamps, Saros, and TheHusbands. This is for fans of Bethlehem, Asunder, and depression. For some reason i see this band more with DoomMetal then i do with BlackMetal, i'm not sure why its not like its that slow. I guess its because the drums are so fast and muffled it kind of slows the music down in addition to the slower melodic guitar. Well, i hope you enjoy, although enjoy doesn't seem appropriate.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

All That Glitters Is Gold

I lOVE GARYGLITTER!!!, well at least these songs, i haven't really bothered to branch out and listen to anything else. All i know is that i am perfectly content with these six songs. You can't go wrong, it is like mood music for every occasion...well at least a couple of occasions, like drinking, gettin busy, and playing basketball, besides what more do you need in life? This is a 10' record released in 1980 devoted to Gary's best tracks entitled 'Glitter And Gold'. Oh and yes i am aware that GaryGlitter is a child molesting piece of rat excrement that should be castrated and hung upside down from his feet till his head explodes, but these songs kick ass. It all comes down to the whole NSBM thing i'm not racist or a child molester(despite what my blog description entails) but i can appreciate good music for what it is. Its not like listening to music made by unfavorable people will somehow turn me into a carbon copy of said person. Anyways, if you can't appreciate 'Do You Wanna Touch Me?' despite what ever sort of child abusing connotation it may have now, you don't deserve to live. Stand out songs... All! So if you like glam rock in the vein of DavidBowie, Sweet, Slade, and T.Rex then do your self a favor and take the strangers candy.

PS I am sick and tired of 'Rock And Roll pt 1&2' like everyone else.

Q: Do you wanna touch me?
A: Do i wanna touch you where?
Q: Do you wanna touch me Here?
A: Oh YA!!!

Nenhum Paz único Barulho


This is RatosDePorao's 2nd album entitled 'Descanse Em Paz'. This comes as a request from my friend Nick who absolutely loves this album, and prefers it to the 'Crucificados Pelo Sistema'. This record keeps with the tradition of early Ratos, with the raw Scandinavian/Discharge influenced hardcore, but this release definitely has a more metal edge compared to their first. I still would have to say that the first record is still my favorite, i don't know whether or not its because it was my first exposure or just because its so raw. either way this is a great record, and i hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Betrayer Of Christ


'MoonlightButchery' was an EP put out by none other than JudasIscariot in 2002. JudasIscariot plays mid tempo BlackMetal filled with hate and nihlism. JudasIscariot is a one man band from the united states who relocated to Germany. The sole member Akhenaten has also participated as a live member of Nargaroth. Anyways, this release is pure gold. Its raw, maddening, and filled with contempt for all mankind. I also just read that he has some NSBM ties...apparently another band he was in did a comp entitled 'The Night And The Fog' featuring an array of NSBM bands including SS1488, Kristallnacht, Absurd, and Graveland. the comp was supposed to be a tribute to the NSBM scene. Why is it that most of the BlackMetal bands i like end up being in some way NS. Oh well, its not like i look to BlackMetal for good moral structure or ethics. Oh and i guess now is the time where i am supposed tell some sort of convoluted story about how "i'm not racist, i love basketball"(and yes i have heard that exact phrase uttered in seriousness) but seriously, i feel that racism is a purely retarded aspect of humanities insecurity and ignorance. Besides its just lazy to claim pride in the mere fact that your parents (who happen to share the same ethnicity) once got hammered drunk, forgot protection and thought that an abortion was to expensive, cuz hangers must cost a fortune. Trash comes in all colors... Thus ends my long drawn out explaination of why i'm not a racist, blahblahblah. Enjoy the cold callous hatred of man.
Ps The track 'WinterHeart' rules.