Friday, August 15, 2008

No More Room In Hell


AtrociousMadness, they are vicious, noisy and unrelenting. They hail from portland and members went on to form LebendenToten. This was released in 2000, i believe this this their first release Entitled 'VisionsOfHell'. Any-who hope you enjoy feedback.



billias said...

atrocious madness ruled soooooooooo bad!
some years go i found a tape through a distro containing 2 of their albums (i think), released through Malarie, and it was a fuckin treat!
this one sounds a bit less distorted than the tape and i thank you :)

SvartStoy said...

yes, atrocious madness does rule, and ya, this is an earlier release so its not quite to their later-much more distorted standards.
thanks for the comment