Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Allday Hell


WolfPack Formed in 1995 in Sweden and play a ferocious brand of D-beat/Melodic Hardcore, with depressive and bleak overtones. This is the band that made my blood boil in highschool, and made me feel rowdy and anxious. They feature, and have featured members of Asta-Kask, Anti-Cimex, and ToWhatEnd?. This is their 1999 release entitled 'Allday Hell'. it features fifteen tracks of melodic D-beat. don't get me wrong these guys aren't your typical Discharge clone, they don't really share that much in common with Discharge at all... Ok maybe a little, but you wont get fifteen songs that sound like 'FightBack'. These guys are way heavier and far more melodic then Discharge. After this album they DIScided to change their name because it was also a the name of a local neo-nazi gang. The new name... WolfBrigade. i Would have to say that the whole album is a build up for the last track on the album entitled 'In Darkness You Feel No Regrets'. That is an awesome title for a really beautiful piece of music. This song stands out as far as sound quality and vocals. It is a lot more raw, abrasive, and just bleak. so give this a listen and even if you don't like it initially listen to the last track.

In Darkness You Can't Regret.


paris said...

I don't know, seems hard not to like these guys, but then I don't have any strong anti-D-Beat feelings, and I've been enjoying melodic crust lately. "In Darkness" is indeed a sweet track, thanks for pointing this out.

SvartStoy said...

ya, they do another version of "in darkness" on the album of the same title and its pretty fuckin awesome to, but then again most the stuff from these guys is pretty great.I don't mean to give off any anti-D-beat sentiments, i love the stuff, it just gets old after the second or third discharge cover band.