Friday, August 8, 2008

Mice of the Basement


I don't think their name quit translates to the above heading, but i though it was funny enough to leave it, thanks Raw, fast, sloppy, and abrasive all discribe this gem from Brazil. This is Ratos de Porão's first album from 1984 entitled 'Crucificados pelo sistema'. In fact this is the first hardcore album released in South America. I have actually heard people say that this album is too raw, and i beg to differ, its just raw enough(a lil' pink in the middle never hurt nobody). Well enjoy this bit of hardcore history. For fans of Anti-Cimex, Discharge, and other distorted d-beat/hardcore.

Receba Ratos Aqui


Enemy Of The Music Business said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog, yeah I like your blog, I will add you to my links list.

chrisc said...

i came to your blog through cosmic hearse and i must say you're doing a fine job.i will definitely be checking back the way Lebenden Toten are the red,fuzzy and noisy.i love raw music.thanks for introducing them to me.

SvartStoy said...

thanks chrisc, i ll try and keep up, lebendentoten are one of my favorite bands, be sure to look through the whole blog, becasue the pdx hard punk comp has a few tracks of them along with the warning vinyl fanzine, check those both out, thanks again

SvartStoy said...

ps, cosimc hearse rules by the way.

chrisc said...

thank you very much svartsoy,i'll surely check everything out.cosmic hearse definitely rules.keep up the good work.

Nick said...


a brazilian told me its pronounced:



i think its the better album, thats me and i'm a moron.

SvartStøy said...

soon nick, soon.
ps Bird-o-batho i remember that Brazilian