Friday, August 8, 2008

May You All Die In Automobile Accidents On The Way Home


Krieg hail from New Jersey and play Black Metal, and along with so many of the black metal hordes in America its a one man band. Krieg is cold, bleak and hateful. This is Krieg's live album recorded in Germany entitled 'Kill Yourself Or Someone You Love'. For a live release this is some outstanding production. It might as well be a legitimate album, aside for the interludes between songs were Lord Imperial insists on speaking in his Black Metal voice. Plus i think there is something special about an overweight man in corpsepaint calling someone a faggot. Not that wearing makeup makes one gay, nor the sheer Broadway theatrics of Black Metal, its just cute when an knuckle dragging closet case does it. Overall, this is an awesome album with a great title that gives way to that fact that Black Metal is not nice, and was never meant to be. Enjoy and i don't hope you die in automobile accidents on the way home, Krieg does.


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