Thursday, August 21, 2008



Whats that off in the distance? I hear the oh so familiar sounds of BlackSabbath and I can smell the quaint smell of Marijuana and a lack of cleanliness. This is Sleep, they ultra Sabbath inspired stoner rock will always have a special place in my heart. It never gets old an stale, at least i don't think so. If you are unaware of Sleep, you are in for a treat. the reason i posted this and not 'Volume One', 'Holy Mountain' or 'Dopesmoker' is simply because these are all curantly in print and for some reason(even though the band is long gone) i would feel bad, because they have brought so much joy into my life. Besides if you like this go and pick up 'HolyMountain' two of the three tracks on this 7" are featured on that phenomenal album. Any-who Sleep come from San Jose C.A. and we're active in the 1990's. Sleep members can be found in the great AsbestosDeath(pre-Sleep), OM, and the ever popular HighOnFire. Sleep is my favorite out of all of those bands, I'm not sure why, maybe because i heard Sleep first. Anyways they also included a cover of Sabbaths 'LordOfThisWorld' which is just like Sabbath but the vocals have some nice effects over them which make it sound like the vocals were recorded under water, i think it might be flange and not sure. Oh and if can't tell that the cover of the 7" is a Sabbath album, you don't deserve to listen to this. Drop out of this world with bong in hand, and enjoy some SLEEP.



chrisc said...

one of my three or four favourite bands of all time.personal favourite is Jerusalem/Dopesmoker.this record puts me in a trance everytime i listen to the way,they have also covered "snowblind" for some old sabbath tribute comp on Earache records.faithful to the original again but still they manage to add something of their own.thank you once again.

SvartStoy said...

ya, i was thinking of posting that in a few weeks, but i really only remember the sleep track, and i think some of the covers on that record really stink, but i might do it just for the sleep one. oh, and i love Dopesmoker to, i nearly poo'd myself when i got it, i was so happy. Thanks for the support.

paris said...

Nice work, as always. Thanks!