Thursday, July 31, 2008



Sadness, desprate, and stoned. I use these words to describe Grief, i think they fit. Their music is depressive and slow, and one can only imagine how high they are. This was sipposed to be there 1996 effort entitled 'Miserable Ever After' its sludgy dirty and at times painful, but for somereason my file share wont let me upload anything greater than100mb, and the grief file is 104mb. I must say, one of the best tracks on this album is the cover of SaintVitus's 'Angry Man'. Its just plain brilliant. This album is perfect for sitting in your room with the lights off, just bobbing your head, and drowning in self loathing... its that good. Since I'm having troubles i think ill just give you guys the cover, and you can download the album separately if you'd like, sorry, i messed up.


now HERE is the rest

Once Upon A Time, I Had A Band...


And here is the demo we recorded. We were called DaysOfNoHope, we named our selves after a DrillerKiller song. We had a lot of influences namely D-Beat, BlackMetal, MotorHead, AC/DC, DrillerKiller, Amebix,Skitsystem, Disfear, blahblahblah.... i think you get the point, this was our third practice i believe. We recorded onto a karaoke machine and hung mic's from the ceiling in front of the equipment. Sadly our drummer(who also played in Sabu along with our bassist) moved to portland. I did the god offal high pitched screams on these recordings. The lyrics on the first track entitled 'Overkill' are about deforest station and peoples general disregard for nature in favor of money. The next song entitled 'WasteOfSpace' which is a lil diddy about self loathing and hatred. The reason you can't hear my vocals very well is because we were short a mic, and i had to hope my P.A. made enough noise to reach one of the other mics. It Didn't. But here it is the 2006 demo? for DaysOfNoHope. Sadly we called it quits before we could record our cover of AC/DC's 'LiveWire', which would have been awesome. I think we sound a little(or a lot) like Martyrdod. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hope You Like Distortion


This is the WarningVinylFanzine, it features four bands, each with one track at their disposal. The bands Are LebendenToten, DogSoldiers, RottenCadaver, and DeadlyUltraSound. this is a really good comp, if you can find it. Its a recent one from 2007 but limited to 500. The best track on 7" is LebendenToten's 'Covert Killers', its just so distorted, fuzzed out, and raw. DogSoldier produced a nice track as well, covering The Exploited's 'USA'. Another thing i love about this release is that it is so plain/simple, the vinyl features the big hole in the center, and no label, it's just the way a DIY release should be. The sleeve of the 7" was printed very nicely with a page for each band to display whatever the hell they wanted, but my favorite thing about this release is the that on the back it states, "Not for persons over the age of 30" which is a nice touch since the DogSoldier picture makes them look like a group of middle-aged men with charged receding hair-lines. All-in-all, its a solid comp. buy it, or get it...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Conditions Are Getting Worse


Everyone love NegativeApproach right? Well this group of 90's hardcore bands does. This is Reproach, a collection of a bunch of "modern" hardcore bands doing NegativeApproach songs. This comp features DropDead, MITB, Spazz, and a few other noteworthy bands. There are eight tracks in total and all the tracks are pretty good. Stand out tracks include ChokeHolds cover of 'Nothing' which is slowed down a bit(nice touch), and as always MITB does a good cover although it seems to be recorded lower than the other tracks. As you might expect, Spazz sounds the same as does DropDead. Well here it is Reproach enjoy.
DropDead-Whatever I Do
Spazz-Lost Cause
KopsForChrist-Why Be Something You're Not
Voorhees-I'll Survive/Tied Down
Union Of Uranus-Pressure
Rupture-Negative Approach

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm A Two Toned Panther

Hawkwind 1

Well, here it is, the Kings of space, the 'Lords Of Light' them selves, Hawkwind. 'Doremi Fosol Latido' is the 3rd release form for these spaced out rockers. This is another album that is solid all the way through, it fits every occasion, from eating a bowl of cereal to staring at the clouds and watching life pass you by(not in a lame-ass Garden State kinda way either). This album is spacey and evokes images of a vast psychedelic galaxy. Not to mention it features the man him self, Lemmy. On a side note, this is the 1996 re release which contains a few extra tracks including the single version of 'Lords Of Light' and 'Urban Guerrilla'. So do it, what have you got to lose? Board the MotherShip, dilate your pupils and space out.

Drop Out Here



Who likes DarkThrone? I think a better question is "who doesn't like 'em?" well, this isn't DarkThrone, its Fenriz LARPing(Live Action Role Playing) in the Norwegian woods. This is Isengard its a little bit Viking, its a little bit BlackMetal, its a little Folky too. 'Vinterskugge' is a compilation of the three demos. At times it even has some resemblance to King Diamond, making it kinda cheesy (but in a totally awesome way). Since half these recordings are proir to the Second wave of BlackMetal it tends to have a little more death metal feel at times, but its great. The latter half the album treats us to some pretty and minimalistic synth accompanied by Fenriz actually singing. So if you like Viking/Death/BlackMetal, Tolkien, and gaining +12 experience points for killing an Orgre, then this is the band for you.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Will You Ever Learn?

masskontroll will you

MASSKONTROLL are awesome, i remeber buying the "Will You Ever Learn" LP (released in 1996 on Mind Control) when i was a junior in high school, it was the first album i took a risk in buying without ever hearing them first or any recommendation. It made the hairs on my neck stand on end. 'Will You Ever Learn?' was such a great release, from beginning to end. It was so dark and depressive. It gave my the feeling that all hope was lost, and any album that can produce that horrific of a feeling is great in my book. MASSKONTROLL hailed from Portland and existed from 1994-1996(?) and featured Kelly who has been in his fair share of bands, such as:RESIST, DEPRIVED, DETESTATION,SUICIDE BLITZ, MURDER DISCO X, DISORDER, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE AND DEFIANCE... stand out tracks include(pause while thinking), all of them. Enjoy.

Learn Here

The Missing Link


Neanderthal was a ManIsTheBastard side project featuring Eric wood, and Matt Domino of Infest. . Its sludgy, lo-fi, and has really fast parts... i guess thats what you get when you mix MITB with Infest. These guys only released to a 7" a split7" and did a comp for the now defunct Slap-A-Ham Records. This is the 'Fighting Music' 7" and it is gold. So if you like if You like MITB, Infest, or any other PowerViolence with Sludge leanings get it, cuz chances are you aren't gonna find this release cheap. Stand out tracks include 'Brain Tourniquet' and 'Kill Eat and Breed'


Friday, July 25, 2008

We Rise From A Primordial Sea

graves at sea 7"

Well, i don't believe that Graves At Sea need any introduction. This is their 2003 release on Southern Lord(Sunn29.5) which features two tracks Cirrhosis and Atavist Arise, both great tracks. Graves At Sea play a crushingly slow brand of doom that is so very infectious. i had the privilege of seeing these guys play their last show at Slim's in San Francisco, it was an experience to say the least. Half way through the set Nathans vocals went out, and the audience was treated to a twenty minute improvised instrumental doom session. Then, like a trooper Nathan continued with vocal duties. Poor guy probably couldn't talk for days.From an outside perspective it must have looked strange. Nearly a hundred people bobbing their heads in unison as if some sort of cult like Worship, it was wonderful. Anyways, this is a great release, long out of print, and if you can find any of their releases do yourself a favor and pick them up. Also if you like Graves at Sea then do yourself a favor and pick up some Burning Witch(StephenO'Malley and Greg Anderson), they played the same style in almost the same way about eight years earlier.

If You Want Cirrhosis Click Here

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dark Lord


Hey, Do you like MotorHead? well, you wont find anything resembling that here, but what you will find is some great prog/pyschrock featuring Mr. Kilmister himself. Prior to playing bass in Hawkwind Lemmy played guitar and sang for Sam Gopal which was the brain child of the percussionist(Sam Gopal) to which the band is named after. Sadly the band only existed for a few years in the late 60's. Apparently somewhere around 1966-68 they had broken up and upon the reformation of the band Lemmy stepped in and recorded this piece of vinyl beauty, entitled Escalator in 1968. In my Biased opinion of worshiping the ground which Lemmy walks on i think this is awesome, but i can imagine some people saying this album is rather generic. I say your crazy, its a mix of psychedelic drugs, dark lyrical content and Lemmy. YOU CANT GO WRONG!!!!! so if you are a fan of Hawkwind, but sometimes find their spacey sounds to be too jarring and "Far Out" then i think this is right up your alley. Oh, and to give you greater incentive Sam Gopal shared the stage with the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. So drop some acid, smoke a bowl, and embrace the 'Season of the Witch.'
PS. Who would win in a fight? Lemmy or God?

Here You Go