Thursday, November 27, 2008

In Battle There Is No Law

This is The First Release from BoltThrower, the less epic 'InbattleThereIsNoLaw' released in 1988. Many people just pass this record off as a stepping stone for what they would latter become saying that its sloppy and not as well thought out. I feel rather differently, i think this is their best album by far. The other releases while more technically perfect, they lack the same kind of young sloppy"raw" energy that this one has. Plus The artwork is worlds better then the stuff based from the "Warhammer Gaming Series". That's all i really have to say, Now i am off to go eat some ToFurky, Macaroni Salad, and Sweet Potatoes.

Gobble This!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Stench Of Animal Rites

This is a live recording of ExtremeNoiseTerror from 1989. I already know what your thinking, "This can't be good, its live grindcore/stenchcore/whatever you wanna call it" but the weird thing is, it is really well produced and has some of their best stuff. I love the album art because its just filled with tons of animal rights facts, and a big rant about how much they encourage others too live cruelty free. Now being a vegan myself i do find sympathy for what they are preaching. Then whilst watching their tour video, i noticed they were covered in head to toe in leather(Boots, Jackets, FannyPacks...etc). Mabye its old leather and they didn't want to waste it. I don't know all i can say is Up The Hypocrisy!!!

Ps 'Holocaust in Your Head' is an awesome album, and if you like this you will love the full length.

Dreadlocks And The Plight Of The Native Americans

This is AcidRainDance and this is their S/T 7" from 1991 released on the awesome Skuld, as you can imagine this is a crust band with heavy metal leanings. I was floored when the first time i listened to this and i had it on 33rpms i thought to myself this is fucking awesome doom!!!! then i realized i was wrong, and its just really awesome Stenchy Crust from Germany i don't know to much about this band other then what i have already told you and that they also put out an Lp which i am kicking myself for not buying when i had the chance. This abum isn't just your typical dimestore crust band they are really talented and are kinda of poppy in a weird sense, and they love the Metal. It kinda reminds me of a faster axegrinder sans the keyboard intros. So Dance! Dance Away! But I would advise to stay out of the rain(cuz that counts as a shower).



This This is SoWhat and they hailed from Tokyo-Japan. SoWhat play just what you would imagine...Japanese HardCore, in the more noizey(note the Z)distorted way. So that means plenty of feedback, indecipherable lyrics, and Disorder worship. All i really know about this is that this was originally a flexi put out in 1985 on Dirty Informal Section Records(D.I.S. #002), and that they put out one other 7" and were featured on a hand full of comps. Since i have only been putting things up from my own pearsonal collection of vinyl i must tell you this isn't taken from the original but rather a boot leg that came out sometime in the past year or so. The boot was released as a 7" and didn't feature track listings on the vinyl or any notification of side a or b, so that is why this is trackless. I just had to guess which. But ya this is an awesome release and if any one has the other 7" please let me know i would love to hear it.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lifes The Lung And Your The Cancer

I am going to go out on a limb and say that if you claim to be "Punk-Rock" and don't have any knowledge of DISORDER, you are a cheap little poser and should stick to things you know like the casualties and various other exploitation bands that don't deserve to live. But if you are really into things that i have posted like LebendenToten or Dustnoise then you just might love this band seeing as how neither of the fore mentioned bands would exist without DISORDER. This is The Perdeition 12" released in 1983. It is simple snotty fuzzed out punk. It is beautiful, and flawless(or full of flaws...whatever). Not much else needs to be said.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Evoking Grace and Splendour

Well since my hard drive has decided to die on me and has left me in mourning over the loss of over 300GB of music, i feel that it is time to move on til i have the proper funds to afford a new hard drive. Since most of my music is lost i have decided to get off my lazy ass and do things the old fashion way, i will start uploading things from my personal vinyl collection.

I couldn't think of a better way to start this off other then with some romantic BlackMetal. This is Celestia, and this is their 2002 ep "Evoking Grace and Splendour". When i say 'Romantic' don't get me wrong, this isn't some sort of symphonic Bullshit. Celestia play straight foreword BlackMetal, well there is a little acoustic bit in the beginning of the first track. Celestia Hail from France and have a strange obsession with love and death. Most songs often deal with a deep melancholic sorrow and the loss of loved ones. So if your in the mood for mourning just click

So if you like this you can click on over to THE COSMIC HEARSE and get one of Celestia's full lengths which happens to features one of the two songs posted here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Hate Gods Of War Descend To Earth

I don't know to much abut this band. all i really know is that this band is from Spain, obsessed with Tolkien and they HATE-YOU! This is Nazgul, and the reissue of their 2000 release 'WhenTheWolvesReturnToTheForest' the re-issue come includes 'MyThroneInWinter' ep. Everything i could find on these guys says they are BlackMetal of the NationalSocialist varity. Lyrically they just come across as nationalists, they don't really put anybody down, but speak highly of their Fatherland. Any-who the albums are great, but i prefer 'MyThroneInWinter' it's a little more raw/Lo-Fi and doesn't have the cheesy female vocals. Overall this is nothing really mind blowing or amazing, its just NSBM with a little better production. So if you wanna feel some Spanish hate just click

Perfect MastersThrieve On Disasters

This is BrianEno, he was once a part of the wonderful GlamRock band RoxyMusic. This album albeit not that much different from RoxyMusic is a gem on its own. its part Pop, part experimental, and heavily drug influenced. Its dancey up beat and somewhat off putting. This is 'HearComeTheWarmJets' from 1973. On my downtime at school i find myself laying on benches starring into space while this record forces me to wonder why 'BlankFrank' is the is the messenger of my doom and my destruction? In my opinion this album is a masterpiece, it has a strange beauty that most music is just lacking. Its infectious, groovy, poppy, and emotes a certain level of self reflection. At times the album just seems way ahead of its time, like at the end of' DeadFinksDon'tTalk' were it goes into some sort of techno break down, what the fuck is that? Awesome, that's what. While other times it seems like lost tracks from the 'RockyHorrorPictureShow' which i hope you don't take as a deterrent, cuz that soundtrack is awesome in it's own right.

Babies on fire? Better put it in the water,