Saturday, March 27, 2010

Purity Control

So this Is PurityControl and they hail from Canada, specifically Toronto. This is their second tape release and it Kicks a lot of Ass. Its a blend of Hardcore and PowerViolence with dirty gritty production which adds so much to the bands sound. This tape sounds as if it were recorded in a garage or basement on a 4-track, which means i'm probably gonna love it ...and i do. I'm not the biggest fan of PowerViolence but throw a few Hardcore songs in there and it makes for a solid release. Can't wait to hear more.

If you wanna contact them here is their myspace

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kill Your Baby!

So if you claim to be punk ChaosUK should be nothing new and if your some snot nosed little shit with a mohawk and a sex pistols shirt, heres something a million times better. this is the first single ever put out by the band on RiotCity Records in 1982. One of the cool things about Chaos UK is that they were one the first british bands to spread their filth across to Japan. While this might not be the lineup to do so i still must give them praise for influencing a good portion of the Chaotic Noisy god-awful punk i listen to now.
So Please pass the Cider and the Glue Bag

Hiroshima Is Here Again!

Monday, February 8, 2010

White Youth!

This is Crisis and their single "WhiteYouth/UK'79" this piece of Punk beauty is a great precursor to the great DeathInJune its dark, slow paced and filled with biting criticism of the UnitedKingdom at the time. I pulled these tracks from a compilation of Crisis's work entitled "HolocaustHymns" and your probably wondering why wouldn't I post HolocaustHmnys in its entirety? Well simply because HolocaustHymns is still in print and can be ordered from a fine number of different retailers in your local area or via the inter-web.

Baptized In Your Shit

This is ExtinctionOfMankind, and their first Lp entitled "Baptized in Shit". This was realised in 1995 on the awesomely crusty Skuld. This is straightforward heavy mid passed and dirty. After a thorough listening you might feel the need to take a shower, then you realize you don't shower that's for yuppie scumbags who work 9 to 5 jobs and who's idea of crust belongs to pizza. By the way there might be some glitches in a couple of the songs, if that bothers you go buy it! Skuld made plenty to go around.