Thursday, October 8, 2009

To What End?

This is "The Word As Law" By the Great and ever popular Neurosis. This is one of my favorite records and i hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Train To Kill

I don't know to much about this band except their name is Rudo, they are from the Bay Area, Hayward to be exact, and their singers name is Erick. They sent me their demo to see if i was interested in posting it here, well here it is in all its glory. Just to give you an idea about how enthusiastic i am about this demo, i just heard it like ten minutes ago, im not even waiting for his response. THIS DEMO FLOORED ME! Its right up this Blogs alley, a hybrid of noisy raw punk, and thrashy Black metal ala Bathory (they even do a cover). Its kinda of a link between early Bathory, and GISM...and if that doesn't grab you by the balls and demand respect, then i don't know what your doing here. At times its more blackmetal, and at others more like Japanese Hardcore. Comparable to ToxicHolocaust, but way better

This Demo Hates You!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Sign Of The Wolf

Pentagram is performing this Friday and in honor of such a momentous occasion i will give unto you 'Relentless' their first full length album, and probably their best aside from their demos from the 70's. So ya, this is a gift that keeps on giving, Sabbath laden Doom from American contemporaries.
Ps i am totally gonna throw my panties into Bobby's toothless old mouth...and the panties will be laced with speed.


Friday, June 26, 2009


Sprawling soundscapes, desperation, and heavy amounts of dope-smoke trailing away from my point of view drifting farther and farther into the atmosphere til it dissipates over a rising metropolis of noise and confusion.
This is Boris and their 2nd album entitled "AmplifierWorship" from 1998

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Unholy Terror

So what if Venom was sloppier, faster, and decided not to wear the silly spandex? then you would these fine young pioneers of MetalPunk This is NME and their first LP from 1986 entitled 'Unholy Death'. This is raw evil, thrashy Punk/Crossover with a ton of energy. A lot of these riffs and song might as well be Venom covers, but the seer energy and ferociousness surpasses the spandex lords of Cheese. Any who, one could even argue that these guys are even more BlackMetal than Venom just cuz the guitarist/singer killed his own mother...with a hatchet and scissors. Now just as your sitting there thinking "wow, what would posess someone to do that" Well his reason, he thought he was a robot, and wanted to see if his mother was one too. He got 12 years in prison, and then in 2005 drove his car off a bridge in seattle as it was openning for a boat.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gonna Have To Fight

So its not like this is to hard to find, and its not like there isn't a lot of info out there on it. All you need to know is that this is classic, and if you don't have this you need it. This is Henry Rollins pre-Damaged BlackFlag, pre-shortshorts, pre-him being an annoying piece of shit. This also features a member of TheFaith and the less good, Warzone.

Friday, May 29, 2009

State Laughter

This is DeathInJune and their first album entitled "TheGuiltyHaveNoPride" from 1983. this is my new favorite album. It is somber, beautiful, and cold. It reminds me a lot of JoyDivision, TheMob, and the gothy stuff the UKSubs'Flood Of Lies', but less up-beat. This was recorded far before the Neo-Folk awesomeness they are known for and has a more post punk/new wave aesthetic. I don't give a shit if you think these band is fascist/racist/whatever 'ist' your fighting this week. Anyways, i also think this is were LebendenToten got the title for there debut LP 'StateLaughter'. So get it here, you know you wanna...
By the way this is way better then Crisis, the band Douglas Pearce was in before this.

Now I'm A Useless Eatrer

So i was fumbling around on my hard-drive today deleting useless crap donated by others, and came across a name that i thought was interesting. The band, TheVomitPigs, the album, "TakeOneEP". now the initial listen brings to mind late 70's British pop like TheBoys, TheUndertones, etc.. you know the drill very bubblegum upbeat but and catchy, Beatles Esq but not TheBeatles. when i half-assed looking up info on this band i found that they were from Texas, and this Ep came out in 1978. So ya its not the best thing put on vinyl, but it beats the shit outta anything your listening to right now.

Monday, May 11, 2009


DoomedSpecies is like a disgruntled animal rights activist high on PCP beating the shit out of a vivisector with a lead pipe then stopping to catch a breath before continuing to beat shit-head to death. This grinding abomination is a two man band hailing from southern California consisting of a guitar player(Trevor) and a Drummer(BenAgroMosh). Both components of DoomedSpecies have been other bands Trevor was the Guitar player of Sabu and Ben was in MittenSpider, GorgonizedDorks, and runs AgroMoshRecords. Doomed Species is completely self recorded and do not use any vocal effects.Their sound is intense, mixing grindcore with crust while maintaining a No-Fi sensibility reminsent of BlackMetal. I also love how at times they will even through in some nice little sludge breakdowns. While i am sure many people will not find this listenable i happen to think the lack of production or clean sound makes this demo interesting. It sounds raw, primitive and minimal giving it a layer of muddiness that adds to the overall sound. As for the lyrical content it ranges from Misanthropic world views, animal rights and acts of extreme violence. Needless to say DoomedSpecies Fucking Hates You. This is for fans of early NapalmDeath, Disrupt, Agathocles, Crust, and Lo-Fi BlackMetal.

Their website

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hitler SS And Tampax

So i was trying to think of something clever, witty,or stupid to title this post but in the end i figured the bands names should speak volumes. So This is a split between to Italian bands, HitlerSS and Tampax. Both are great names especially HitlerSS. Anyways This is the only release from HitlerSS and the first in a small handful by Tampax. HitlerSS play a fun upbeat snotty brand of punk. Now they might not be the best musicians and their side of the 7" can even be down right annoying, but fuck! Their HitlerSS they don't need talent they just need one great song, Speed and a totally kick ass name. so the big song on this 7" is 'Slave Naked' which was featured on KilledByDeath#6 and was also covered by that awful band MarkMckoy was in after CharlesBronson Called VirginMegaWhore. Anyway i think i like the Tampax side a little bit better They have a little more of a harder sound closer to hardcore. Both bands are awesome, but i just can't get enough of HitlerSS The name alone is so great.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Stench Of Death

Now I'm not going to go on a big rant about crust do to there big opposition to soap mixed with water simply because...well i suffer the same opposition. Some folks will make excuses about squatting and not being able to luxuries of running water or even claiming that many brands of soap contain animal bi-products which is unfair to our animal brethren. I simply am lazy and lack the simple necessity of caring. Any who This is Hellbastard and their 1986 demo entitled 'RipperCrust'. This demo gave a name to a whole breed of filthy like minded punks who had a taste for metal aesthetics while still maintaining the punk ethos, a hybrid of long hair and tight smell black clothes. Anyways the members of Hellbastard wanted to be a melding of Slayer with crass lyrics, i would say they shot for the stars and ended somewhere better. It neither sounds like slayer nor does it have the simplicity of Crass's lyrics. HellBastard comes across sounding similar to Amebix in both content and musical style, but with a more metal tinge. Members later went on to join forces with EnergeticKrusher and form HellKrusher, both good bands. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is BuriedAtSea, and their only full length entitled 'Migration'. BurriedAtSea hail from Chicago and features a member of Minsk and Nachthmystium. The music is very drony and epically long. At points the music can be atmospheric, crushing and painful. The first track reminds me of Thor'sHammer at least around 10 minute point.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Black Forward

SvartFramtid hails from Norway and there name means Black Forward. They came out with a 7" a live tape and did a couple of comps, other then that all i really know is that this 7" is really rad and deserves your attention so stop starring at the awesome artwork and click to download already!

Starve To Death

Ok this is Vorkriegsphase from Germany with there 7" entitled 'ScheissKriegEP'. The name roughly translated mean Pre-War Phase. Obviously they are war obsessed and by the sounds of it very angry. Here you are treated to an audible assault by three blistering tracks of Raw british influenced (ala- DisorderChaosUK, and Discharge) hardcore. So duck for cover and enjoy the Shit War.

Denmark Or Bust!

Ok so hears the deal, this is the some awesome Danish punk brought to you by the ElectricDeads. There are 2 7"s i have posted and both 7" kick a lot of ass. It is up to you to tell me which one you like better. Now they do have one more 7" and a few comp tracks, but this is all i have. So enjoy some Female fronted Danish Punk.

So anyways up first is ElectricDeads self titled 7" from 1982 which contains:
3-Fish In A Pool
4-Compact Chaos

Following is the "Anti-Sex" 7" from the same year which contains:
1-Locked Doors
2-30 Years
3- Kitchen Poet

So there is your Homework, now get shit done!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Blood, Guts, And Beer!

'Filthy Hounds From Hades
' has been labeled as one of the best NWOBHM albums ever, and i tend to agree. Its reminds me of 'Killers' era IronMadian, mixed with classic line up MotorHead. So what you get it is this punky rawness mixed with over the top rock sensibility that will blow you away...much like an actual tank. So enjoy. Did i mention that the singer/bassplayer was also in TheDamned and TheSaints?
Turn Your head Around

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can't Wait Til' The Day They Sell Out

This is Abandon they hail from southern California. They play a very aggressive form of modern hardcore with obvious influences from mid-nineties hardcore and bands like TheRefused, Catharsis, and are on par with contemperaries like Gather, and 7Generations. So please don't think these young lads are just another breed of half literate overly preachy retards that worship at the alter of EarthCrisis. Now they may be Straightedge, and they may be Vegan, but they certainly arn't dicks. So anyways this is there 2008 demo, and keep a eye out for there upcoming ep on DeathOfAModernist records, and if you like them contact them they might a shirt in your size. So smoke a bowl, shotgun a Beer and listen to some truely awesome tuneage.

Were Are My Basketball Shorts?

Mourning Of A New Day

You remember Cathedral right? Before Lee Dorian started singing all over the top and acting really obnoxious. You know before they were super cheesy. Well despite the fact i was only 4 when this album came out i still remember. Although i do like the cheesy Cathedral i must say that this era is much better. Its Doom at its finest, just straight foreword, no songs about 70's movies, just songs about sadness accompanied with really slow heavy music. so if you like your Doom in a perpetual state of mourning this one is for you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Come To Grief

This is Grief's 1st Full length record entitled 'Come To Grief '. This is good old fashioned sludge, its brutally slow, narcotic induced and heavy. This is the paranoia one feels after mass consumption of Marijuana, and the feeling one gets after years of drug use has isolate them from their friends, family, and all the people that once cared for them.


Jhva Elohim Meth... The Revival

This is the 1992 mini LP entitled 'Jhva Elohim Meth... The Revival' form Stockholm's very own Katatonia. I really like this album, its pretty, mournful, and heavy. The sound reminds me a lot of a doomy Axegrinder or the slow parts of DeviatedInstincts 'Guttural Breath'... so like crusty doom metal which doesn't sound like that bad of an idea to me. I guess Katatonia went on to become a much shittier band in much like contemporaries MydyingBride and ParadiseLost. So enjoy the despair.

Friday, February 27, 2009

For ManOwar I will Fight and Die

No matter what i may say, it will not do this album justice, but i will leave you with one fact, and one fact only. ManOwaR doesn't bleed metal, metal bleeds ManOwaR!

Through Your Fists In The Air!

In A Coma

So its two in the morning and you wake up drenched with sweet, you have an overwhelming feeling that something is wrong, but you just can't figure it out. Are all the doors locked? The windows? The silence begins to become overwhelming as fear sets in. You know someones there in the shadows, do they mean harm?
That is pretty much my summation of Coma, i don't know anything about the band aside from that this came out in the 80's in japan, and that Coma can be equated as a hybrid of KillingJoke, ChristianDeath, and Bauhaus(Note the artwork). If Those three bands don't peek your interest right away you don't deserve to live.

Oh, and yes they mean harm.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Punk Ass Queers!

So unless you are completely detached form the punk "scene" you should know who LimpWrist are even if you don't like them or whatever. Anyway, for those not in the know LimpWrist are totally gay in a Liberace meets MinorThreat kinda way. These guys are completely out, proud and in your face. There is nothing really ground breaking or earth shattering, its just awesome Hardcore
Who needs Astro-Glide when your this smooth?

Sunday, February 22, 2009


So i saw this Boot the other day at my local record store and figured i would give it a chance despite the ridiculous price attached to it. The band is called Pohjasakka and to my surprise this was really really good. It is straight forward angry hardcore from Finland in the vein of bands like Lama, Riistetyt, and Mellakka. So very British punk influenced. Other then that the 7" originally came out in 1985 entitled 'MAAILMA TÄYNNÄ VIHAA' and then came out with a tape in 1986 and broke 87. So enjoy.


This is Integrity's tribute to the great Midwest titans of hardcore SepticDeath. They do two cover on this 7" which are 'Change' an 'Thaw(ColdWar)'. Anyways Both both tracks sound pretty damn similar to the originals minus Dwids hash pissed off vocals. So ya, enjoy.


Friday, February 20, 2009

I Never Wanted To Be Famous!

So this is Z.M.I.V. (anyone know what it stands for?) they are angry, aggressive, and pissed off... kind of redundant, but you will see what i mean once you give this a listen. More Disorder influenced punk, but this time from the Netherlands. This is one of my favorites, enjoy. Awesome album cover.

"Say you Love My cock, But don't say you love me!"

Fervel Moder Jord

This is Bannlyst and they hailed from Norway, the land of snow, church burnings and insane BlackMetal hordes. But this isn't about BlackMetal, its about good old fashioned Punk Rock, it may not be Norway's biggest export, but I'd like to think it is a close second... though i know its not. Anywho, members of Bannlyst went on to be in SoMuchHate and KafkaProcess both great bands by the way. Yeah its good straight foreword, and there is no fucking around. It simply awesome british influenced punk form Norway. I love how bands like this seem to turn the bass up frailly loud and let it shine through, it always reminds me of Disorder, and i like that. So here it is enjoy


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get It Out, For God's Sake!

This is a gem i picked up today from a band i had never heard of Called Vágtázó Halottkémek. This is there 1991 release on Alternative Tentacles. Theri name trasilated means GallopingCoroners. The music is tribal and entrancing with tons of energy. It reminds me of early Hawkwind on speed. I guess these guys were banded from playing in hungary(which is were they are from) for about 11 years. I am not sure why, but it might have something to do with their live performances which are supposed to be a senory overload. Anyway these are two great tracks. Enjoy.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah, I Love Life!

You ever feel shitty? Down? depressed? Whatever? Well This might cheer you up, hope it will do the same for me.This is TheSlowMotions its up beat and chipper.


Friday, January 23, 2009


I just got back from seeing Amebix, what a wonderful evening, i thought i would never be able to see this band. the show was amazing, they sounded perfect. On top of it all i got to see it for free, Oh happy Day!
So sorry no post today, i'm too tuckered out.

"They lead you to the slaughter, like they lead a horse to water, the can't force you to drink, but you do, ya you do!"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Uses Of HAARP

Noise, Fuzz, Distortion, some of the words i would use to describe the great AtrociousMadness. Any-who Frank the vocalist went on to play in one of the best punk bands in the last 10 years LebendenToten. Frank also played in another great band i posted last week Funeral. But this isn't about them this is about AM and this slab of pristine vinyl i have in front of me, and the tremendous beauty it contains. Six tracks of pure Noisy distorted punk as fuck hardcore. so sit back stud your vest charge your hair and pass the glue bag, cuz things are gonna get fuzzy.


Space, The Final Frontier

Space, the final frontier. We exist on a on a giant marble hurdling through the cosmos with an unimaginable amount of power slowly pushing us around and around the Sun in a constant groove. This is sort of the way i would describe NegativeReaction with their deep appreciation for all things spacey, and their infectious spacey sludge. This is there 1998 effort entitled 'TheOrbitEp'. It is what anyone would come to expect in a Sludge/StonerMetal band slow down-tuned grooves, and crushing Drums. But i must say i love the vocals they are exquisite, punishing anguished shrill strained vocals. Well that's all i got so enjoy some good old fashioned Sludge from NewYorkCity. For fans of Grief, Bongzilla, GravesAtSea, NoothGrush...and various others.


Friday, January 16, 2009


This is Repulsion and their only LP simply entitled 'Horrified'. This was released in 1989 on the Necrosis label which was a subsidiary of Earache records that was run by Jeff"Carcass"Walker(i think). Any ways this album rocks it reminds me of early Carcass mixed with Venom. I always hear them being lumped in with the grindcore genre and i am not sure why, i understand they have blast beats but that doesn't necessarily make you grindcore right? If i had my way, (and luckily since i run this thing, i do) I would call it Lo-fi Death Punk. As to expect from the cover and song titles like "Maggots In Your Coffin" and "Splattered Cadavers" you are gonna get your basic run of the mill death filled songs about gore soaked zombie holocaust's and the nuclear Apocalypse. So stop bascing in happiness and gera up for the emminent horror that is Repulsion!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cry Of State Desperation

This is for all those who love Disorder,Discharge, Gai, LebendenToten, Gloom, etc. This is Funeral and their 7" entitled 'CryOfStateDesperation'. I believe that the Frank thats plays Bass in Funeral is the same Frank from AtrociousMadness and LebendenToten. Anyway if you like fuzzed out raw D-beat you will dig this and all its ugliness.

Kamikaze Gravecore Metal

This is Final and their 2004 7" 'GrowStrong/Empty'. Any way Final hail from Japan and kick a lot of ass. This is just straight forward Metal influenced Punk. It's heavy, distorted and raging.

Far Tangled Banner

I love this 7"! from the moment i heard it i fell in love. This is Atomkinder and there one and only album. Atomkinder hail from Arizona and play fast as fuck Punk with a little bit of a metal tinge. Every last song on this record is absolutely beautiful and reeks of heart felt pain, angst, and fear. I used to listen to this 7" at least twice a day, find out why.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Never Again!

This is Buzzov*en, for those in the know this was Dixie Collins band prior to the awesome Weedeater. This 7" came out in 1997 and contains two awesome tracks 'NeverAgain' and 'Useless', both of which are great. So as expected this is good old down-tuned stoner doom for the downtrodden and terminally self medicated. So enjoy.


Ok so i bought this used the other day and have no idea what this is or when it came out. All i know it is some sort of Ambient noise band calling themselves SailorWinters, and the ep is entitled 'Monolith'. i thought was a good title seeing as how it is just this epic soundscape through muddied fuzz. That is all I really have to say, other then that I am not to sure how i feel about it. I don't know if this passes for good, bad or what. If you got any info please share.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is a re-posting because i was un aware that i had a few incomplete tracks, so here you go and enjoy.

This is Weakling, they hailed from SanFrancisco, and play Epic BlackMetal. This release has been commented as being a "Masterpiece" and i would have to agree.This album was entitled 'DeadAsDreams' and came out in 2000, just after they had called it quits. 'DeadAsDreams' is both fast and slow with lots of atmospheric cavernous sound. The songs are long and drawn out, in a good way. Weakling project feelings of emptiness, anger, and deep seeded desperate depression(hooray for alliteration). Five tracks in all this release comes in at a whopping seventy-six minutes. In addition weakling also has members of Asunder, TheFuckingChamps, Saros, and TheHusbands. This is for fans of Bethlehem, Asunder, and depression. For some reason i see this band more with DoomMetal then i do with BlackMetal, i'm not sure why, its not like its that slow. I guess its because the drums are so fast and muffled it kind of slows the music down in addition to the slower melodic guitar. Well, i hope you enjoy, although enjoy doesn't seem appropriate.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Now your Messin With a, Son Of A Bitch

This is Nazareth and their tribute to the downtrodden everyman entitled "Hair Of The Dog". Everyone has heard at least one song off this album, be it when you are watching TV and a commercial comes on for Monday night football and everything slows down and all the sudden you hear the anthemic sounds of Nazareth's "Love Hurts" as men get pumbled and smashed, or mabye you've just been dumped by your best girl so you and your best bro's are knee deep in Cans of Coors Light and cruisin in your dad's old truck and make the decision to go pick up that questionable hooker you all saw three blocks back only to find out afterward it was a man, and all the sudden you hear"Love Hurts". Anyway this album rules it is somewhere between Ac/Dc, Accept, and CCR. Its just good old fashioned Dude Rock, every song on this record rules and has earned an eternal spot in my heart. So put it on, crank it up, and drink til you can't see.