Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Drinkin Smokin Straight Westcoastin


Sabu Hail from a cornucopia of Southern California cities. They play grindcore, and for the most part grindcore is a pretty popular form of underground music(at least in SoCal). Sabu play it in a pretty good, and relatively different way. The drums are a little more reminiscent of a UK82(SpecialDuties) style or a D-beat(Discharge), its not just simple blast beat all the time. But the drummer manages to even make his blast beats fairly clean. The vocals are all over the place, lows, highs, guggling-burps, and its all done by one man with a lot of time on his hands and a willingness to tear his vocal chords. The guitar work is simple, distorted and sludge at parts and is just overall dirty sounding. The best way to experience Sabu is definitely live. I have had the pleasure of watching these guys a bunch of times. They certainly have a great energy and the crowds seem to love them. This is from their only official release which was a three way split featuring FiringSquad, And PeopleHate. This was released in 2007, and is still available through EverydayHateRecords out of Poland, so if you like please pick one up. Stand out tracks include 'Retaliation', 'PowerviolenceHolocaust', and '820'. '820' is dedicated to the singers son('820' being Aug,20th), and i think that is hilarious to break the monotony of songs about serial killers, wrestling, and gore, to talk about how much you love your son. But i guess child birth is a pretty "Brootal" thing. Plus they named them selves after a wrestler, a pretty "BROOOOTAL" wrestler. This is definitely for fans of more punk influenced grindcore in the vein of (early)NapalmDeath, FleshParade, and UnholyGrave.

Lets Grind

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