Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nenhum Paz único Barulho


This is RatosDePorao's 2nd album entitled 'Descanse Em Paz'. This comes as a request from my friend Nick who absolutely loves this album, and prefers it to the 'Crucificados Pelo Sistema'. This record keeps with the tradition of early Ratos, with the raw Scandinavian/Discharge influenced hardcore, but this release definitely has a more metal edge compared to their first. I still would have to say that the first record is still my favorite, i don't know whether or not its because it was my first exposure or just because its so raw. either way this is a great record, and i hope you enjoy.


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nick said...

this was my first exposure to them. i love seeing the pictures of them from this time and the first album. their jackets are a who's-who of UK/Scandi legends.


(MELO POR QUE KEELO... i asked a brazilian, even HE didn't know what the fuck that is supposed to mean!!!)