Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For All The Lonely Ones


This is TheWipers 3rd album 'Over The Edge' and it was released in 1983. 'OverTheEdge' is a piece of American punk rock gold. TheWipers hailed from Portland Oregon. TheWipers rule, as i am sure many folks will attest to that. Their music conveys feelings of the downtrodden, desperate, and alienated. Every time i listen to this record i always find myself reflecting on my life and what has brought me to my current situation. I feel that this record speaks for itself, so enjoy.



chrisc said...

very underrated band in my opinion.they hardly get the recognition they deserve.thank you for remembering them.

Nick said...

yeah, extremely underrated. kurt cobain loved them. he said in some interview, "this 'seattle sound' is really a portland sound" supposidly in reference to the wipers.

this is my FAVOURITE album by them!

SvartStøy said...

Ya, this is my favorite album as well, and yes a very underrated band, has anybody heard their later stuff? is it good or should i just stick with the first four?

chrisc said...

i've never heard a full album of their later stuff,only a few songs but i wasn't impressed.they weren't bad,just nothing special compared to their earlier work.