Sunday, September 7, 2008

Waiting For Tonight!

Tonight i am going to the 'MaifestDestinyFest' to see Witchcraft and Witch, i am so excited that i am going to give you guys a sample of what they sound like, Witch are a band from the Vermont area and play heavy distorted rock in the vein of early Pentegram, LedZepplin, and BlackSabbath. I would have to say that they sound a lil' closer to Zepplin then anything else, but evil and ominous. Did i mention that it has a member of DEEPWOUND!!!!! the same member who went on to DinosaurJR, J Mascis is his name. Witch has a total of 2 albums out, two 7" and a DVD. if you want to buy any of it go to TeePeeRecords. Mabye i will posty some DeepWound later.
Here is Witch

By now you should have all heard about Witchcraft, the band that wishes so badly that they lived in the 70's, with their JethroTull/Pentegram Doominess. they have come out so far with 2 album a split 10"w/TheSword, and two 7"s(?). This band has been touring the hell out of The USA and word on the street is that they do so for the Kombucha because they can't get it in their country for whatever reason. Any-who if you have yet to purchase anything from these fine gents you can do so here
Here is Witchcraft

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