Thursday, September 18, 2008

Criminal Damage

This is the CtiminalDamage demo, im not sure when this was made(i think around 05/06), but i do know that this rules. CriminalDamage serve up a heaping helping of full throttle Blitz worship from Portland Oregon. Its uncanny how kick ass this is. The demo is equal parts of both full length records 'No Solution' and 's/t'. I believe they have a members of Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, and Deathreat. Most of the songs deal with ideas of oppression, self medication and the occasional song about somebody being beat up in the streets. All the songs are catchy and you will certainly find them stuck in your head with you singing along out loud. So this is for fans of Blitz, Skrewdriver, 4-Skins, NoHopeForTheKids, GorillaAngreb, etc...
Personal favorites include Anethesia, and LastChance.


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