Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Punishing Darkness,

For all those who liked the Weakling post i made a couple weeks ago this is for you, this is a live recording of the band doing what they do best playing bleak and depressive BlackMetal. Their are no vocals, but it still rules anyways! I believe this is their 1998 live rehearsal demo, but i'm not sure.This was given to me buy the very kind Aesop of CosmicHearse after reading my post, Thanks Aesop.
Bask in sorrow



paris said...

I was just listening to that Weakling yesterday on my way to work, and really enjoying it! So it is a pleasure to come home and have the chance to hear some additional stuff. Thanks!

chrisc said...

even without the amazing vocals i'm pretty sure this will be great.thank you Svartstoy(and Aesop)

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for live or anything besides dead as dreams forever. Thanks and thanks to aesop as well.

Anonymous said...

I can fainlty hear vocals on No one can be called as a man while he'll die. Maybe it's just me.