Thursday, September 11, 2008



So for all the folks wishing i would post more Sabbath laden Doom here you go. This is Bongzilla's 2002 release entitled 'Gateway' its exactly what you have come to expect from these masters of Marijuana. Old fashioned stoner metal in the vein of ElectricWizard but with hash almost BlackMetal vocals. In addition you get awesome album art featuring Satan at the gates of hell enthroned in his unholy majesty with bong in hand(cheesy i know, but you gotta love it). So ya, its nothing mind blowing, but it sure kicks a lot of ass. If you like EYEHATEGOD but think the fast parts "Harsh You Buzz" then i think this is the band for you. So just sit back on your couch with plenty of snacks of your choice by your side and contemplate the deep meaning behind such songs as 'Stone A Pig' and 'Keefmaster' or just stare at stuff.

"Ever Seen The Back of a Twenty Dollar Bill? Ever Seen The Back of a Twenty Dollar Bill, on Weed?"

See it Here, Dude

Ps. Sorry to all my faithful readers, but my schedule has been turned upside down and i have not been able to post as much i used to. Ya see i just got a job, and started school again so i will try and post on the weekends and maybe on Tuesdays/Thursdays. If you want to be up to date on everything i post the best way to do that is to subscribe or just keep doing what your doing and check whenever you have time. Any-who Sorry, but i will try to make a few posts when i do get around to doing so.

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