Saturday, September 27, 2008


So I am making this post in mourning because i missed them play the other night. I don't really have any interesting anecdote's or want to spend a lot of time describing how much ass this record kicks, or about how Jeff Carcass is an amazing artist, or even about how this band was formed by two founding members of ElectroHippies. I might just be being lazy. But i digress, I heard wonderful things about how great the concert was and am glad to know they still kick ass. So here it is 'HeartWork', a lot of people don't like this album because it isn't as straight forward as their prior efforts, but i love this album because its not just typical Grindcore, i'm not even sure you could consider this Grind at all, its more or less Technical Death Metal. So enjoy.



Nick said...

i hate this band because Bill Steer uses too much shampoo and conditioner...

fuck your perfect hair, fool!

SvartStøy said...

Yes, yes, They did look a lot cooler when they were all stenchy and filthy with their matted together dreads, and nowadays Jeff looks like somesort of cowboy...i will never understand the facination the british have with western attire