Thursday, July 31, 2008



Sadness, desprate, and stoned. I use these words to describe Grief, i think they fit. Their music is depressive and slow, and one can only imagine how high they are. This was sipposed to be there 1996 effort entitled 'Miserable Ever After' its sludgy dirty and at times painful, but for somereason my file share wont let me upload anything greater than100mb, and the grief file is 104mb. I must say, one of the best tracks on this album is the cover of SaintVitus's 'Angry Man'. Its just plain brilliant. This album is perfect for sitting in your room with the lights off, just bobbing your head, and drowning in self loathing... its that good. Since I'm having troubles i think ill just give you guys the cover, and you can download the album separately if you'd like, sorry, i messed up.


now HERE is the rest

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