Thursday, September 4, 2008

All That Glitters Is Gold

I lOVE GARYGLITTER!!!, well at least these songs, i haven't really bothered to branch out and listen to anything else. All i know is that i am perfectly content with these six songs. You can't go wrong, it is like mood music for every occasion...well at least a couple of occasions, like drinking, gettin busy, and playing basketball, besides what more do you need in life? This is a 10' record released in 1980 devoted to Gary's best tracks entitled 'Glitter And Gold'. Oh and yes i am aware that GaryGlitter is a child molesting piece of rat excrement that should be castrated and hung upside down from his feet till his head explodes, but these songs kick ass. It all comes down to the whole NSBM thing i'm not racist or a child molester(despite what my blog description entails) but i can appreciate good music for what it is. Its not like listening to music made by unfavorable people will somehow turn me into a carbon copy of said person. Anyways, if you can't appreciate 'Do You Wanna Touch Me?' despite what ever sort of child abusing connotation it may have now, you don't deserve to live. Stand out songs... All! So if you like glam rock in the vein of DavidBowie, Sweet, Slade, and T.Rex then do your self a favor and take the strangers candy.

PS I am sick and tired of 'Rock And Roll pt 1&2' like everyone else.

Q: Do you wanna touch me?
A: Do i wanna touch you where?
Q: Do you wanna touch me Here?
A: Oh YA!!!


jerry said...

HA HA yeah i fucking love Glitter (as does everybody else really). This is total party music, put it on , watch everybody lapping it up, then wack on some Skrewdriver just to make them feel guilty again!. My freand even wants 'what your mama don't see ( your mama dont know)' and 'just for you' played at his funeral. It makes me want him to a good way.

SvartStøy said...

HAHA, thanks jerry. I always found that skrewdriver goes good with Glitter as well. But for my funeral i want Mr. Roboto from Styx to play as they host my animatronic filled corpse into the air for me to do the robot one last time in death with a laser light show in the background. i wish i could see their horrified faces.I'm Glad somebody out their likes G.Glitter

chrisc said...

i find it much easier to listen to music made by NSBM bands than by a convicted paedophile.those black metal guys are usually insecure,pretentious morons while Gary Glitter has really molested children (maybe it is due to me recently becoming father).on the other hand who can resist to those infectious,catchy tunes?food for thought definitely.