Monday, September 15, 2008

All Pigs Must Die!

Ever hear of DeathInJune? Well you have now, and this is their 2001 album 'All Pigs Must Die'. DIJ are one of those bands that are shrouded in mystery. From their obsessive fascination with all things Nazi/militaristic and occult to their logos and their lyrical content. Many accuse Them of being Nazi's themselves but i find that hard to believe. Douglas Pearce is openly and was formerly in the band Crisis which was feverishly anti-fascist and played such renowned festivals like RockAgainstRacism. I am not going to lie they do have a strong fascination with the right wing and sure do love them runic symbols. In addition the love paganism and are strong advocates of the old european gods, this probably is in part of their fasination with the SS, or vice-versa. Sadly no white people can wear or display runic symbols or claim paganism without being accused of being white power, simply because Neo-nazi's(and real Nazi's) started using them. I have read stories of DIJ preforming live in monkey suits dressed like SS soldiers now that sounds like mockery to me. Also i have read other accounts of them playing shows in Israel, and what kind of Neo-Nazi is going to play to a predominantly Jewish crowd, let alone support Israel in the first place. Any-who despite their possible political leanings they play a mean acoustic guitar. They are possibly the leaders in the Neo-Folk/Apocalyptic-Folk scene. So its bleak, depressing, foreshadows death in a very pretty and eerie way. This album just happens to be some-what of a tribute to every-ones favorite counterculture figure, CharlesManson. Well enjoy, i know i do. For fans of Current93.