Monday, May 11, 2009


DoomedSpecies is like a disgruntled animal rights activist high on PCP beating the shit out of a vivisector with a lead pipe then stopping to catch a breath before continuing to beat shit-head to death. This grinding abomination is a two man band hailing from southern California consisting of a guitar player(Trevor) and a Drummer(BenAgroMosh). Both components of DoomedSpecies have been other bands Trevor was the Guitar player of Sabu and Ben was in MittenSpider, GorgonizedDorks, and runs AgroMoshRecords. Doomed Species is completely self recorded and do not use any vocal effects.Their sound is intense, mixing grindcore with crust while maintaining a No-Fi sensibility reminsent of BlackMetal. I also love how at times they will even through in some nice little sludge breakdowns. While i am sure many people will not find this listenable i happen to think the lack of production or clean sound makes this demo interesting. It sounds raw, primitive and minimal giving it a layer of muddiness that adds to the overall sound. As for the lyrical content it ranges from Misanthropic world views, animal rights and acts of extreme violence. Needless to say DoomedSpecies Fucking Hates You. This is for fans of early NapalmDeath, Disrupt, Agathocles, Crust, and Lo-Fi BlackMetal.

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