Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hitler SS And Tampax

So i was trying to think of something clever, witty,or stupid to title this post but in the end i figured the bands names should speak volumes. So This is a split between to Italian bands, HitlerSS and Tampax. Both are great names especially HitlerSS. Anyways This is the only release from HitlerSS and the first in a small handful by Tampax. HitlerSS play a fun upbeat snotty brand of punk. Now they might not be the best musicians and their side of the 7" can even be down right annoying, but fuck! Their HitlerSS they don't need talent they just need one great song, Speed and a totally kick ass name. so the big song on this 7" is 'Slave Naked' which was featured on KilledByDeath#6 and was also covered by that awful band MarkMckoy was in after CharlesBronson Called VirginMegaWhore. Anyway i think i like the Tampax side a little bit better They have a little more of a harder sound closer to hardcore. Both bands are awesome, but i just can't get enough of HitlerSS The name alone is so great.

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Though, I think I find the band "Panzerhitler" to have the more hilarious name on account of it being unintentionally so.