Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cry Of State Desperation

This is for all those who love Disorder,Discharge, Gai, LebendenToten, Gloom, etc. This is Funeral and their 7" entitled 'CryOfStateDesperation'. I believe that the Frank thats plays Bass in Funeral is the same Frank from AtrociousMadness and LebendenToten. Anyway if you like fuzzed out raw D-beat you will dig this and all its ugliness.


Nick said...

yes, its Frank from AM and LT. Also, the Todd thats on drums is HHIG/Tragedy/Deathreat.

great record! thanks for this!

do you have the LP too?

SvartStøy said...

no, i don't, you have any idea were i might be able to obtain the LP?

Nick said...

hmmmmm... i'll let you know when it comes in. its OOP but pops up every once and a while at the store. very funny picture of Hitler on the back of the record plugging his ears!

"ach! das noise! achtung! schnelle! schnelle!"

SvartStøy said...

Awesome Nick i appreciate it.

chrisc said...

a band with members of Lebenden Toten,Tragedy and HHIG?that definitely piques my interest.downloading as i type this.