Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Denmark Or Bust!

Ok so hears the deal, this is the some awesome Danish punk brought to you by the ElectricDeads. There are 2 7"s i have posted and both 7" kick a lot of ass. It is up to you to tell me which one you like better. Now they do have one more 7" and a few comp tracks, but this is all i have. So enjoy some Female fronted Danish Punk.

So anyways up first is ElectricDeads self titled 7" from 1982 which contains:
3-Fish In A Pool
4-Compact Chaos

Following is the "Anti-Sex" 7" from the same year which contains:
1-Locked Doors
2-30 Years
3- Kitchen Poet

So there is your Homework, now get shit done!


Nick said...

ah, their first and second... TOTALLY AWESOME RECORDS!!!!!!

but the third one is the best!!!

if you need the tracks, i got them...

SvartStøy said...

yes, i do need them, everytime i tried to download them i would only get like half the songs, please, thank you