Thursday, January 22, 2009

Space, The Final Frontier

Space, the final frontier. We exist on a on a giant marble hurdling through the cosmos with an unimaginable amount of power slowly pushing us around and around the Sun in a constant groove. This is sort of the way i would describe NegativeReaction with their deep appreciation for all things spacey, and their infectious spacey sludge. This is there 1998 effort entitled 'TheOrbitEp'. It is what anyone would come to expect in a Sludge/StonerMetal band slow down-tuned grooves, and crushing Drums. But i must say i love the vocals they are exquisite, punishing anguished shrill strained vocals. Well that's all i got so enjoy some good old fashioned Sludge from NewYorkCity. For fans of Grief, Bongzilla, GravesAtSea, NoothGrush...and various others.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks! Been stuck without my record collection for months and have been looking for this gem uploaded somewhere. right on!