Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Stench Of Death

Now I'm not going to go on a big rant about crust do to there big opposition to soap mixed with water simply because...well i suffer the same opposition. Some folks will make excuses about squatting and not being able to luxuries of running water or even claiming that many brands of soap contain animal bi-products which is unfair to our animal brethren. I simply am lazy and lack the simple necessity of caring. Any who This is Hellbastard and their 1986 demo entitled 'RipperCrust'. This demo gave a name to a whole breed of filthy like minded punks who had a taste for metal aesthetics while still maintaining the punk ethos, a hybrid of long hair and tight smell black clothes. Anyways the members of Hellbastard wanted to be a melding of Slayer with crass lyrics, i would say they shot for the stars and ended somewhere better. It neither sounds like slayer nor does it have the simplicity of Crass's lyrics. HellBastard comes across sounding similar to Amebix in both content and musical style, but with a more metal tinge. Members later went on to join forces with EnergeticKrusher and form HellKrusher, both good bands. Enjoy.

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Todd said...

Never heard this demo, which is awfully false of me. Time to remedy that.