Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can't Wait Til' The Day They Sell Out

This is Abandon they hail from southern California. They play a very aggressive form of modern hardcore with obvious influences from mid-nineties hardcore and bands like TheRefused, Catharsis, and are on par with contemperaries like Gather, and 7Generations. So please don't think these young lads are just another breed of half literate overly preachy retards that worship at the alter of EarthCrisis. Now they may be Straightedge, and they may be Vegan, but they certainly arn't dicks. So anyways this is there 2008 demo, and keep a eye out for there upcoming ep on DeathOfAModernist records, and if you like them contact them they might a shirt in your size. So smoke a bowl, shotgun a Beer and listen to some truely awesome tuneage.

Were Are My Basketball Shorts?

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