Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Sign Of The Wolf

Pentagram is performing this Friday and in honor of such a momentous occasion i will give unto you 'Relentless' their first full length album, and probably their best aside from their demos from the 70's. So ya, this is a gift that keeps on giving, Sabbath laden Doom from American contemporaries.
Ps i am totally gonna throw my panties into Bobby's toothless old mouth...and the panties will be laced with speed.



Nick said...

so far, rave reviews from my friends in Seattle and Portland!

like we need reviews! pft! i'm going to fucking love it either fucking way!!!!!!!!!!

favourite song from this album: DEAD WORLD
(where'd you think we got the band name from?!?!?! jk...)
midtempo palm-muting, will you marry me?

SvartStøy said...

im so excited, and i just can't hide...i'm about to lose control, and i think i like it?

mike said...

Killer album,needs to be remastered.