Friday, February 20, 2009

Fervel Moder Jord

This is Bannlyst and they hailed from Norway, the land of snow, church burnings and insane BlackMetal hordes. But this isn't about BlackMetal, its about good old fashioned Punk Rock, it may not be Norway's biggest export, but I'd like to think it is a close second... though i know its not. Anywho, members of Bannlyst went on to be in SoMuchHate and KafkaProcess both great bands by the way. Yeah its good straight foreword, and there is no fucking around. It simply awesome british influenced punk form Norway. I love how bands like this seem to turn the bass up frailly loud and let it shine through, it always reminds me of Disorder, and i like that. So here it is enjoy


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Nick said...

i love this one soooooooooooo much.

in case anyone didn't know, Bannlyst when translated into english is "Excommunicated"!