Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Uses Of HAARP

Noise, Fuzz, Distortion, some of the words i would use to describe the great AtrociousMadness. Any-who Frank the vocalist went on to play in one of the best punk bands in the last 10 years LebendenToten. Frank also played in another great band i posted last week Funeral. But this isn't about them this is about AM and this slab of pristine vinyl i have in front of me, and the tremendous beauty it contains. Six tracks of pure Noisy distorted punk as fuck hardcore. so sit back stud your vest charge your hair and pass the glue bag, cuz things are gonna get fuzzy.



chrisc said...

YEAHHHH!!!i just can't get enough of this super noisy,super distorted,super fuzzy punk.thank you Svartstoy.

SvartStøy said...

Im glad you like Chrisc, hopefully i can get my hands on more so i can post it here for all to enjoy.

nick said...

frank left his guitar my house... i touched it several times!!!!!!!!
it should also be noted my friend, that Chanel is on guitar here, and in LEB TOT they switch up; Chanel on vox and Frank on Guitar...
but back to franks guitar!
i wanted to take all my frank records and place them around the guitar like a shrine but before i knew it keith came back to the house to retrieve and whisk it away to the far away land of PDX... damn you keith!!!