Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is a re-posting because i was un aware that i had a few incomplete tracks, so here you go and enjoy.

This is Weakling, they hailed from SanFrancisco, and play Epic BlackMetal. This release has been commented as being a "Masterpiece" and i would have to agree.This album was entitled 'DeadAsDreams' and came out in 2000, just after they had called it quits. 'DeadAsDreams' is both fast and slow with lots of atmospheric cavernous sound. The songs are long and drawn out, in a good way. Weakling project feelings of emptiness, anger, and deep seeded desperate depression(hooray for alliteration). Five tracks in all this release comes in at a whopping seventy-six minutes. In addition weakling also has members of Asunder, TheFuckingChamps, Saros, and TheHusbands. This is for fans of Bethlehem, Asunder, and depression. For some reason i see this band more with DoomMetal then i do with BlackMetal, i'm not sure why, its not like its that slow. I guess its because the drums are so fast and muffled it kind of slows the music down in addition to the slower melodic guitar. Well, i hope you enjoy, although enjoy doesn't seem appropriate.


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