Friday, May 29, 2009

Now I'm A Useless Eatrer

So i was fumbling around on my hard-drive today deleting useless crap donated by others, and came across a name that i thought was interesting. The band, TheVomitPigs, the album, "TakeOneEP". now the initial listen brings to mind late 70's British pop like TheBoys, TheUndertones, etc.. you know the drill very bubblegum upbeat but and catchy, Beatles Esq but not TheBeatles. when i half-assed looking up info on this band i found that they were from Texas, and this Ep came out in 1978. So ya its not the best thing put on vinyl, but it beats the shit outta anything your listening to right now.


Nick said...

did you ever hear the rumor that the lead singer, Mite Vomit, choked to death on a burger at Bobby Soxx BBQ? i've heard that rumor before... I HOPE ITS TRUE!

SvartStøy said...

No, hah i've never heard of that, i hope its true too