Sunday, July 27, 2008



Who likes DarkThrone? I think a better question is "who doesn't like 'em?" well, this isn't DarkThrone, its Fenriz LARPing(Live Action Role Playing) in the Norwegian woods. This is Isengard its a little bit Viking, its a little bit BlackMetal, its a little Folky too. 'Vinterskugge' is a compilation of the three demos. At times it even has some resemblance to King Diamond, making it kinda cheesy (but in a totally awesome way). Since half these recordings are proir to the Second wave of BlackMetal it tends to have a little more death metal feel at times, but its great. The latter half the album treats us to some pretty and minimalistic synth accompanied by Fenriz actually singing. So if you like Viking/Death/BlackMetal, Tolkien, and gaining +12 experience points for killing an Orgre, then this is the band for you.



Anonymous said...

dude you are a serious homosexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Camden said...

Anon uses many exclaimations.

Anyway, this is straight up D&D music. It's more D&D than Dragonforce. Holy shit.

Fenriz's singing makes me laugh on this one, though. What is he doing? Why is he doing that?

SvartStøy said...

ya, his singing is a little jolting at first. I think he was more or less trying to by traditional with his vocal styling, like a true viking.