Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hope You Like Distortion


This is the WarningVinylFanzine, it features four bands, each with one track at their disposal. The bands Are LebendenToten, DogSoldiers, RottenCadaver, and DeadlyUltraSound. this is a really good comp, if you can find it. Its a recent one from 2007 but limited to 500. The best track on 7" is LebendenToten's 'Covert Killers', its just so distorted, fuzzed out, and raw. DogSoldier produced a nice track as well, covering The Exploited's 'USA'. Another thing i love about this release is that it is so plain/simple, the vinyl features the big hole in the center, and no label, it's just the way a DIY release should be. The sleeve of the 7" was printed very nicely with a page for each band to display whatever the hell they wanted, but my favorite thing about this release is the that on the back it states, "Not for persons over the age of 30" which is a nice touch since the DogSoldier picture makes them look like a group of middle-aged men with charged receding hair-lines. All-in-all, its a solid comp. buy it, or get it...

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Aesop said...

It's a great zine, Warning. I picked up a few copies last time I was in Portland. And Lebenden Toten indeed rules. Total Confuse/Gai scrapey fuzzy toxicity.