Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Conditions Are Getting Worse


Everyone love NegativeApproach right? Well this group of 90's hardcore bands does. This is Reproach, a collection of a bunch of "modern" hardcore bands doing NegativeApproach songs. This comp features DropDead, MITB, Spazz, and a few other noteworthy bands. There are eight tracks in total and all the tracks are pretty good. Stand out tracks include ChokeHolds cover of 'Nothing' which is slowed down a bit(nice touch), and as always MITB does a good cover although it seems to be recorded lower than the other tracks. As you might expect, Spazz sounds the same as does DropDead. Well here it is Reproach enjoy.
DropDead-Whatever I Do
Spazz-Lost Cause
KopsForChrist-Why Be Something You're Not
Voorhees-I'll Survive/Tied Down
Union Of Uranus-Pressure
Rupture-Negative Approach

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