Thursday, July 31, 2008

Once Upon A Time, I Had A Band...


And here is the demo we recorded. We were called DaysOfNoHope, we named our selves after a DrillerKiller song. We had a lot of influences namely D-Beat, BlackMetal, MotorHead, AC/DC, DrillerKiller, Amebix,Skitsystem, Disfear, blahblahblah.... i think you get the point, this was our third practice i believe. We recorded onto a karaoke machine and hung mic's from the ceiling in front of the equipment. Sadly our drummer(who also played in Sabu along with our bassist) moved to portland. I did the god offal high pitched screams on these recordings. The lyrics on the first track entitled 'Overkill' are about deforest station and peoples general disregard for nature in favor of money. The next song entitled 'WasteOfSpace' which is a lil diddy about self loathing and hatred. The reason you can't hear my vocals very well is because we were short a mic, and i had to hope my P.A. made enough noise to reach one of the other mics. It Didn't. But here it is the 2006 demo? for DaysOfNoHope. Sadly we called it quits before we could record our cover of AC/DC's 'LiveWire', which would have been awesome. I think we sound a little(or a lot) like Martyrdod. What do you think?

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