Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm A Two Toned Panther

Hawkwind 1

Well, here it is, the Kings of space, the 'Lords Of Light' them selves, Hawkwind. 'Doremi Fosol Latido' is the 3rd release form for these spaced out rockers. This is another album that is solid all the way through, it fits every occasion, from eating a bowl of cereal to staring at the clouds and watching life pass you by(not in a lame-ass Garden State kinda way either). This album is spacey and evokes images of a vast psychedelic galaxy. Not to mention it features the man him self, Lemmy. On a side note, this is the 1996 re release which contains a few extra tracks including the single version of 'Lords Of Light' and 'Urban Guerrilla'. So do it, what have you got to lose? Board the MotherShip, dilate your pupils and space out.

Drop Out Here


Aesop said...

My favorite by them. My sister bought me this record when I was a teenager.Why I do not know but I was hooked.

SvartStoy said...

Same here, when i first got this album i played it so much, lord of light is one of the best, but i think my favorite is urban guerrilla (although its not on the original album)